Monday, April 29, 2013

Hat Trick and a Sweet Tea Cozy!

Bee was on Saturday at Suzanne’s house!  I did finish up my Hat Trick there by sewing down the binding. 


I’m not adding  label because I want to be able to use both sides of it on my table.


I love this Moda collection by Kate Spain called Honey Honey.  I like all her collections… they are always in my colors!!


My dear friend Linda, who lives in Haymarket, about 5 minutes away from the new house we’re building,


took the time to go by the lot and took photos of the building progress and emailed them to me so we could watch the progression from Italy!


So, I wanted to make her something as a little thank you!


She is a tea drinker and so I made her a bee skep tea cozy!


Super fun and easy as pie!  I cut strips of various widths from 7 different yellow fat quarters.


Cut the batting bigger than you want the finished size to be.  Add the strips one at a time with the stich and flip method.


Repeat this process for 2 sides.  I added 2 more layers of batting to make it more insulating! 


I fused a door shaped black scrap on each side and blanket stitched the edges.


Trimmed it to 1/2” larger than finished desired size.  Cut lining this same size.


Stitch around the shape on outside the do the same with the lining but leave a space open at the top for turning.


Then, with right sides together, align the bottom edges and stitch all around. 


Turn it right sides out and push the lining into the shell and top stitch around the bottom. I added some little bee buttons and a flower on the top made with a yoyo and a button.


Done! Time for tea! With honey!!  Smile

(Oh, and Yogi wants a cookie!)




  1. I love the tea are such a smart, talented sewist..I love your precious dog. We lost our little Boston, she was 13 years old. I have thought of getting a dog like yours. Do they shed, and what is their temperament? We live in N.C. would this climate agree with this breed? Thank you , Dianne Mitzel

  2. What an adorable tee cozy! That is so cute. I love your Hat Trick, too. They are popping up all over blogland and they all look so different. They are going to be awesome parades. Mine is still under the needle being quilted. I hope to finish it today.

  3. AAAAAdorable bee skep tea cozy---thank you bushels for the tutorial. :D Love the Hat Tricks too. :) (I'm a closet Pinterest addict too LOL)

  4. I love that tea cozy... but your Hat Trick is so beautiful in those sherbet colors! I love the backing fabric too... yum!

  5. Your Hat Trick is lovely and that cozy is soooo cute.

  6. Sweet Hat Trick...perfectly Spring!

  7. What an adorable tea cozy! You are so talented. :)

  8. Very cute tea cozy! Thanks for the directions!!


  9. Your tea cozy is so fun, thanks for the tutorial. Your Hat Trick quilt is beautiful too!

  10. The little table-runner is just so sweet, lovely fabric collection!! You did a great job with the 'tea cosy', those yellows are just perfect, I'm sure your friend will appreciate the 'thankyou' gift!!!! How exciting to see the house site looking more like a building site, looks like you have chosen a great spot to live!!!!

  11. I agree about Kate Spain. I love her collections. Terrain is still my favourite though! Cute bee hive tea cozy.

  12. You are so creative to design such a functional, yet lovely tea cozy. I'm sure your friend will love receiving such an adorable & unique gift from the heart. I have not seen anything so cute in a long time. Well, with the exception of Yogi. He is always at the top of the cute list. I bet he just loves having you back home right where he knows you belong and sewing up a storm - just the way Yogi like his Universe to function.


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