Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ciao, Bella!! I’m Baaaaack!

We just got back from our 23 day visit to Italy! It was wonderful!  Amazing!!  But it is also great to be home, again!
I think the next time we go overseas, it will be for a much shorter time!!
Three weeks is a very long time to have your dog be cared for…
and to be away from your family…
and away from your e-life of email, blogging, texting….
and away from your car, and routine, and favorite foods and shows…
I tried to post from Italy on my iphone, but could not get it to go through!!
I did not find any fabric stores anywhere…
So, how could one live there???  LOL!!  But I did find this one store in Milano that sold machines and other appliances, but no fabric!
But there is no comparison to the ancient beauty there!!
I am not a pasta lover, but my DH sure is… so he had pasta every day!!
We got very hooked on the cappuccinos, the bruschetta, cheeses, wines…
I’d hate to know how much $$$ we spent there on still water to drink!!
Many times, while everyone was taking photos of paintings and murals…
I was taking photos of mosaic floors… so many good quilt designs!!
My dear friend Linda, was so kind and took photos of our house site and sent them to me so we would know how the construction was going!!  The walls get formed next!!  Smile
Trying to get back to normal here!!  Yogi seems happy to be back home with us!  He was well cared for and loved by my son and his wife in the city! 
He even lost some weight without my DH feeding him all the time from the table!!
The first Schnibble for the new year is Hat Trick and is due May 1st!!  So, today I am sewing on it!  YAY!  Bee is day after tomorrow, and I want to have it all done except the hand sewing on the binding so I can do it at bee!
hat trick
What are you sewing on these days?


  1. Welcome home Dear Polly!! I have missed you A LOT !! Beautiful pics. I'm sure Yogi cannot get enough of his Mommy and Daddy. LOL

    I literally just got through with a project today - I will be posting about it later today or tomorrow.

    I'm sitting here giggling because under your last photo of Yogi - you spelled "tick" instead of "trick" and I'm thinking "poor Yogi " Still giggling!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous trip--a trip of a lifetime. Am sure Yogi is glad his people have returned.

    No fabric--bummer

  3. Lovely photos of your trip, but I agree coming home is always nice!! Glad that Yogi was well looked after, hope your get your Hat Trick top completed in time!!! Now to settle back into routine........

  4. Welcome back home in blogland!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  5. Polly, welcome home! It looks like you spent some time in the Cinque' Terre? My husband and I spent 13 days last September in Rome, Naples, Capri and Vernazza, Cinque' Terre. My favorite was the Cinque' Terre! I felt like I slowed down and even now when I see those pictures, I feel my body relax! Next time (in 4 years for my 50th), we are going to Florence, Venice and back to Cinque' Terre, and that is where I want to spend the bulk of my time, doing day trips from there!!! Love to see more pictures!!!

  6. Welcome back! I missed you while you were gone, but it sure looks like you had fun. The photos are gorgeous.

  7. It looks like you saw some incredible scenery. Welcome home.

  8. We missed you and are happy you are back home. Love all your pictures. Funny that you couldn't find a fabric/quilt store. I too wonder how can they live with out a quilt store?


  9. Glad you're back Polly and beautiful photos! Have fun with your Hat Trick quilt, I just finished mine. I bet Yogi really, really missed both of you!

  10. Welcome back Polly, it looks like an incredible trip. No fabric? how about Aurifil, any deals? I bet you and Yogi are both happy to be back together.

  11. Welcome home! What an amazing trip. Love the architecture of the cathedrals.

  12. I love Italy, so I can't decide if I am more jealous of you going, or your son getting to take care of Yogi :)

  13. Welcome home! Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  14. Wow, fabulous photos - thanks for sharing them! I bet Yogi was one happy pup to see you! I would eaten my weight pasta while I was in Italy o:) I have 3 wedding quilts and 2 charity quilts that all have deadlines within the next two months - so I'm frantically sewing! o:)

  15. Welcome home! Fabulous photos. I haven't been to Italy but I definitely want to one day. Problem is that from Australia it needs to be at least 23 days to be worthwhile!

  16. Fun to see the photos--I did my Schibbles with the Dear Stella Va Bene collection because it reminded me of Italy.

    By the way, there is a quilt shop in Venice--up the Cannaregio area, but it's soooo pricey that I didn't buy any. And we found a fabric store in Bologna and in Rome as well, but they just aren't in the touristy areas. Given all the fashion in Milan, I'll be they have tons--but we weren't there that long to do some "research."

    Looks like you had a great trip, and I loved your Schnibbles!

    Elizabeth E.


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