Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boxes Galore

Still alive over here… still opening and unpacking and putting away boxes!


I did get the library boxes all emptied!!


I have always wanted a library!!


My husband finally finished with his boxes in the office… although there are several file cabinets he still needs to go through and place in his new file drawers.  I can’t wait to get the new window blinds and shades!!


Just today, I bought some new silk plants for the tops of the kitchen cabinets and oak TV unit.


And I found the perfect little schefflera tree for the Italian pot in the morning room!


Now that all the boxes on the first floor are finally gone, it’s time to start in on my sewing room upstairs…


SCARY, huh?  Even Yogi doesn’t want to go in there!!


It can only get better, right? 

Stay tuned!!



  1. Wow you are doing really well, can't wait to see sewing room finished.. Yogi looks like he wants to go home were ever that is. Your home is looking lovely . Blessings Sandra

  2. It all looks beautiful, hopefully the sewing room will be a little fun, no stopping to play though.

  3. Wow...this just looks fabulous. All your small touches are great. You will so enjoy the new space, and wait till you finally get to sew. You will be so happy!

  4. I love your new home. It is so beautiful. How is yogi liking it? I lost my best four legged friend last month and when i moved it usually took her a few days to settle in. I know you are probably tired from moving and im willing to make a huge sacrifice for you. Dont worry about unboxing your fabric, just send one my way. Now dont you think that is a great idea??!! Lol barbara

  5. It is interesting how it goes for people along the way. We have just downsized from a large house. We find we don't need file cabinets, office area anymore.Everything is filed on computer with backup. Same with the library shelves - all donated to the library for a fundraiser and books are all on computer as well. Even pared down the quilting mags and books to essentials. Divided the household goods in half and bought a small cottage on the seaside. Selling the big house in the town we live in and going condo so we can come and go as we please and spend more time outside at the coast. It is heaven, no housework, yardwork - lots more time outdoors - to simplify is freedom. Do enjoy your home and all you possessions. It will be fun doing the decorating.

  6. Your new home is coming together beautifully . Love your literary .
    The sewing room will be organised soon and you will be stitching away madly...

  7. You are making great progress and everything looks lovely! I understand about the boxes and each one emptied means you are one box closer to home!

    Ahh the sewing room--not work but creative energy and space

  8. What a lovely little peek into your new home! Can't wait to see the sewing room all set up too. Enjoy!

  9. Looks like it is all coming together nicely and that Yogi is adjusting just fine!

  10. Happy new house! Everything looks great.

    All the best, Katie

  11. Wow your house is amazing..How lucky you are. Love your sewing space.


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