Friday, August 30, 2013

Sewing, Finally!!

I still have quite a bit  more  straightening up to do and boxes to open down in the basement, but just needed to take a few days off!!


I am storing some things under my HQ Sweet 16 machine table, so I made a gathered skirt and velcroed it onto the bottom recessed edge.


It hides all the stuff stored under there and looks so much better!


The “Quilt It” banner still has not been found…sigh…


I’m thinking I need some sort of small colorful valance over the top of my new white wood blinds in there…


But, I selected the two charm packs to make the August Schnibble and spent a few hours cutting the pieces, and even assembled one basket block!


Yogi seemed very happy to be back up on my sewing table!!


He gets such good sleep to the vibrations of my sewing machine…


and sounds of Downton Abbey on the TV!!  My sewing room is finally open!!



  1. Yay for sewing again! Looks great, Polly, and Yogi looks right at home! Can't wait to see the rest of the house!

  2. yogi is adorable! but, i do have a "thing" for white dogs . . .

  3. So happy for you that you can get back to your sewing in your wonderful new home.

  4. So glad you are back to sewing. Moving is always stressful, and especially when you can't find things in the new digs.

    Yogi probably figures all is right with his world again when he can nap while you sew.

  5. Sew nice to see you both back in the sewing room...
    Is "Downtown" on again in the US???? Please DON'T tell me about it......

  6. Ahh, some "semblance" of order is back - Yogi sleeping and you sewing - what a happy time for you both. Definitely love that table skirt and valances would dash up the windows a tad bit. Loving all your pictures of the new home. Judy C in NC

  7. I'm sure I could just move right in!

  8. Looks wonderful. Enjoy your stitching!
    Love the cover you have on the Sweet 16. Did you just make up a pattern or have info to share? I really need one!

  9. Can certainly tell Yogi is "at home" and comfy in the new surroundings! Your room is looking great and I like the new schnibble you're working on. You'll find the banner -- eventually!

  10. I've been watching your new house become a home and have enjoyed all the photos and musings tremendously. It reminded me of the home we built 17 years ago and how much we loved it then, and still do, although it could use some updating at this time. Also happy to see how easily Yogi has settled in....he's so darn cute. Enjoy your time off to do what you really enjoy, because the work will always be there.

  11. Everything's looking so sweet!! Girly!! Not to mention, fun! What a lovely place to sew (and nap).

  12. One more week before I can move into my new home. Till then I'm keeping my quilting mojo up with blog hopping. First boxes to see the box ripper will be for my quilt room. Just gotta touch some fabric or bust!

  13. Your new home is gorgeous and I love your sewing space. Don't we all quilt better to Downton Abbey?

  14. Congratulations on the opening of your sewing room. Hope you find your missing item soon.

  15. Perfect!! Seeing Yogi in his basket on the table just looks so right. I'm glad you're taking some time for you, it's the only way to make the sewing room yours.

  16. What a lovely new home - and good to see your getting settled and finding time for some fun sewing..
    Love your little Yogi - he is adorable -- would you be so kind to tell me what type of doggie he is and how much does he weigh...
    Enjoy some sewing fun...

  17. Polly - didn't you know that Yogi put your quilting sign under his bed for safe keeping! Love your sewing room and that Yogi ... I could just cuddle him to death ... he is soooo sweet ... have a great Labor Day,

  18. Polly I love your machine cover - just gorgeous! blessings, marlene

  19. Yogi looks like he has settled right down now that you are back ti sewing . Time to do what you love, we all need a break when we have been working so hard. Love the skirt around you table a good idea. Blessings Sandra


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