Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Aftermath…

It always seems like such a longggggggg build-up to Christmas, doesn’t it???


All the planning and shopping and cooking and


hours of decorating inside and out and 


travel planning and cleaning and cooking…


And then BAMMMM!


In a few hours, it’s over!!


Presents opened, special foods eaten,


family and friends gone on their way back to their own homes…


or you on your own way home!!


And as you look around at all the special decorations you so lovingly and artfully put out a month ago,


you are suddenly ready to put them away!!


Is it just me that feels this way???



  1. We usually take our tree down really quickly after Christmas or really late. Most years really quickly as we like to get all our clean up done right away. I don't think it's a bad thing at all. It also seems like the longer I put it off the more of a chore it seems to be!

  2. Your so right. I dread the putting away stuff. So fun to pull out, such a chore to pack up and put away. But the family connection for those few hours are worth it all again next year! :-)

  3. I'm right there with you. I would take it all down today if I felt up to it. Sewing all day is what I have planned.

  4. Christmas set-up/tear-down used to feel like a real chore, trying to find just the right time. Like anything else, "the right time" never seemed to present itself. Now I have a goes up the day after Thanksgiving and comes down the second weekend of January (The Baptism of the Lord), which marks the end of the Christmas season in the Catholic church. I find that having it up those last couple of weeks really redirects the focus of what this holiday celebrates, which is easy to lose in the hustle and bustle of its commercialization. But that's just me, perhaps others are better at keeping their priorities. :)

  5. I'm with you, Polly. It always is such a build up to the BIG day and once the presents have been opened and the meal has been eaten, I'm ready to move on. I've already started putting things away, especially the fresh greenery which by now is ready to be placed in the recycle bin. By Saturday, all traces of Christmas 2013 will be only a memory.

    Ollie sends Yogi a BIG Westie hug!

  6. No, I have already put all traces of Christmas away. With no children or grandchildren here, it's not Christmas for us.
    It was nice and quiet, but just not Christmas. We are blessed, no presents, but blessed. Now on to 2014. :)

  7. You are absolutely right and the older I get the more I feel this way! Rather reminds me of a wedding...months/years of planning, attending to every little detail, and BAM, it's over!

  8. I totally agree! I am to the point now where I put out a few choice things and a collection of pointsettas - no tree. Looks lovely and is down the day after boxing day. Good enough.

  9. This year I brought everything upstairs to decorate. Took a long hard look at it all and decided I just couldn't deal with taking it all down again. I took 99% of it right back down the stairs. It's different now that our only daughter is only home for a few days. She just left to go back to her apartment and the house seems sooo empty.

  10. Yep, totally ready to put it all away. I like the way the lights look, especially during this dark time of year, but other than that, all the rest can go back in the boxes. My mother in law leaves her tree up til Easter and that's way too long for me.

  11. I'm not quit ready to put the Christmas things away yet. I was late getting things out, so I figure I'm allowed to keep them out a little longer. ;)

  12. Yes I agree Polly . Lots of build up and then it's over.
    Looks like Yogi loved it though.

  13. Nope, you are not the only one! After the family leaves Christmas night, I wait for my husband to say it - "well, it's all over for another year!" Hope you had a Merry!

  14. Christmas decorations went up before Thanksgiving because no family would be able to be with us for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Being in our new house, we went with more earthy, natural and evergreen decorating - nothing with snowmen, santa's or glitter - and more winter than Christmas with touches of red and white. Our six children are scattered in California, Colorado and North Carolina and they needed to be with their children and traditions this year. DWH and I enjoyed being home together and we had wonderful quality conversations all day long on Christmas with each family. Daughter and her family will be here for New Years and we will have a board games and card marathon to bring in the new year. Will probably not put things away for awhile yet. Love, love your pictures posted - especially the last one. We still have our little 15-year old Cairn terrier and each day is a gift to us. She certainly enjoyed our quiet this year. Judy C in NC

  15. Sorry that was so long - I do think I was rambling. LoL

  16. Someone told me the other day it's bad luck to take your tree down before New Year. I wouldn't know, it's never happened! I like to keep it up at least a week past Christmas.

  17. I seldom feel that way. I drag Christmas out well into January. Love the holiday and the build up to Christmas and all the wonderful memories afterward. It is such a special season and I'm never fully ready to let it go.

  18. Your home looked stunning for Christmas- love the many quilty touches that you added. Looks like the day was a special one. Hope that 2014 brings you and yours much joy, good health and laughter. With best wishes,

  19. You are in good company with your feelings. Thank goodness my good quilting friend and I get together after Christmas and hit quilt inventory sales and begin planning our next project. Helps with the Christmas "let-down."

  20. Yes I think most of us feel this way. How we spend endless hours getting ready for Christmas to have it over in a flash. All the best in the New Year!!


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