Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Awesome Bobbin Earrings

I LOVE Etsy!  I have bought allot of stuff on Etsy!  I’ve bought fabric, patterns, jewelry and so much more!!  Sooo, guess what I found on Etsy this time?

bobbin earrings

These earrings called my name because they look so much like the bobbins on my sewing machine!!


Don’t you think so??

So, I ordered them, and when they came, I put them on immediately!!  I was home all afternoon, doing cleaning and such in my house.  When my husband came home from work, he told me I was missing an earring.

monkey sad

ACK!!  OH NOOOOO!!  I only just got them and had them on only a few hours!!  I spent the next few hours searching frantically for it.  I looked EVERYWHERE!!  To no avail…

That night, I wrote a review  for the earring purchase on Etsy.  I wrote how lovely they were and how happy I was with them and then also how I lost one within hours of receiving them.  The owner of the shop read my review and was sooooo wonderful!  She sent me a message saying she had read my review and was sending me another earring to replace the one I lost. 

happy monkey

Can you believe how sweet she was to do that?  I received it yesterday in the mail!!  I wore them today to bee and everyone loved them!!


So, if you want to buy some gorgeous silver earrings that look like bobbins, be sure to check out limegreenmodern on Etsy!!  THIS is the link to the exact earrings!!

postage stamp 1

If you are wondering what I’ve been doing lately…

postage stamp 2

it’s cutting…and cutting…and more cutting…

postage stamp 3

I have wanted to make a postage stamp quilt from all my many Halloween scraps.

postage stamp

I sure hope I have cut enough 2” squares by now!!  Tomorrow I will start sewing them together!!  Finally!  YAY!!


So, Yogi wants to know what have YOU been up to lately??



  1. Such a lovely post....and I am so glad you love your "bobbin earrings". (I've renamed them that, thanks to you!) They look fabulous on you!

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  3. Lovely earring. sew nice the shop owner sent you a replacement. sadly I don't have holes in my ears.
    did you deliberately wear \the same colour blouse as that cute monkey?? LOL
    I am busy resting Yogi after a busy four day retreat and visitors...

  4. oh, what fun earrings! And, what a lovely shop owner, to send you another earring.

  5. Hello Yogi and Polly,
    Snowy and I love reading your blog and seeing what you've been doing. The earrings are fun Polly and yogi as ever you look super darn cute!

  6. Oh those earrings are so cute and the minute I saw them I thought of bobbins. What a wonderful shop owner to send you a replacement. Etsy is an awesome place to find a ton of cute things, it can get me into so much trouble. Hugs!!

  7. Earings are over the top--so sweet of the shop owner to send you a replacement. Those fabrics are awesome!

  8. Lol I love your post.. I love the earrings and your story about them.. You can't beat a etsy store that is that wonderful. You had my heart with the Halloween fabric.. I am collecting them.. I love Halloween fabric.. I can't wait to see what you do.

  9. He he I bought a pair too! Just couldn't resist.

  10. I just ordered a pair...thanks for the link. They look wonderful on you. I love your Halloween fabrics for your postage stamp quilt. Cant wait to see it!


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