Monday, May 25, 2015

I’m Baaaack!!

The Mediterranean cruise was awesome!  I was so lovin’ the daily cappuccinos, that I had to make them when I got home, too!


The ship was amazing!  We’d not been on a cruise for 36 years!!  It sure had changed allot in that time… as had we!!


My son AJ stayed in our home to take care of Yogi!  He sent me this photo of Yogi watching out the front window…waiting for us to come home!

yogi waits

I want to thank you all for voting for my blog in the competition online!  We didn’t win, but I was so honored to be nominated and for you all to care to vote for me!!  Thanks ever so much!!

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I’ve got a super busy week ahead of me!  I’m teaching a beginning quilting class for the next three Saturday afternoons at our local quilt shop, so I’ve got to get some samples made for the class! 


Help me out, and tell me the best tips you learned as a beginner quilter however many years ago that was!!



  1. Pleased you had a lovely cruise with Hubby and I am sure Yogi was well loved by AJ...
    Oh I love my cuppa and go to our seaside cafe at least a few times a week.
    Maybe you will have a win next time and as you say "Nice to be nominated"

    I think I am still a beginner... But one thing that is good to do is READ the instuctions..

  2. My teacher taught me to cut with rotary coming toward myself--totally wrong and freaks everyone out. So teach them how to cut properly! :0)

  3. One of the best lessons I ever had was about pressing properly - carefully so you don't distort the fabric, but after each seam. Pressing a tiny seam open rather that to one side, pressing seams in opposite directions so they "nest:, and pressing a "pinwheel" in the center back of a pinwheel block to reduce bulk. Good pressing seems to have made a tremendous difference in the accuracy of my blocks.

  4. I still have so much to learn. No matter how hard I try, my quilts always come out a bit skewed. I worked very hard on trying to square up the fabric by ripping on the straight of grain this time. I'm trying the American flag bargello quilt wall hanging right now. I've had the patterns for years and saw yours at the Haymarket Quilt Guild Trunk Show last June when I was visiting. I've never done a bargello before. I hope it comes out well.

  5. Glad it was such a good trip for you.

    I would say that looking back on quilting I think the most important thing is to perfect you 1/4 inch seam and then use good fabrics.

  6. R & R is always great--poor Yogi--he missed you! Tips for teaching a class: patience. Some students will know more than you think and others not so much.

  7. How wonderful a lovely cruise. I also enjoy my cuppuccinos at the beach side cafe . Congratulations for having your blog nominated in the competition. I missed it as I am not on here as often as I like.

  8. So glad you enjoyed your cruise and celebration AND that Yogi was ready to welcome you home! And I love that pic of Lucy - many mornings of sewing I still feel that way. So, the best trick I learned in early quilting was "chain piecing" and also to use a starter piece of fabric if your needle wants to glob up the thread on that first piece (always!). Again, welcome back!

  9. Welcome home! Glad you had a wonderful time. I'm sure little Yogi missed you while you were gone. One of my best tips is to re-straighten your cutting edge every 3rd cut or so. It's amazing how "off" we can get even when we are being careful. It's always a good idea to keep your machine clean and change the needle often. I normally change my needle with each new project. I hope your classes go well....!

  10. Glad you had a great time and Yogi was in good hands!
    I never had a 'proper' quilting class it's all self-taught but I discovered I'm a happy sewer when the materials I'm working with are good, no matter if it's fabrics or notions.

  11. So glad you had a great time!! Yogi is so happy you are home!!! Something I was never taught - where to measure with our rulers...which side of the line or on the line. Also, how the thread they use (thick, thin) will effect the outcome of the size of the block. Also, for them to consider what they are using for a cutting table - learned the hard way that those lovely plastic tables will dip in the center and there is no way you can cut a straight line!

  12. so glad you had a great time! leaders enders change my life!!!!

  13. Your trip sounds wonderful and I'm so glad to hear you had a such a good time. I'm sure Yogi missed you and was super happy when you came walking through the door. The only tip I have is to buy the best supplies & fabric you can afford.

  14. Glad you had a good time. The tip that I started with is one my Grandfather (a carpenter) actually taught me is measure twice and cut once.. I always buy a little more than I think I need, just in case... And don't be afraid to cut the pretty fabric. Just have fun.


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