Friday, August 14, 2015

Playing Catch-Up!

My new knee is getting better every day… or maybe I should say that I am getting better at using and trusting it every day!!  The bi-weekly physical therapy sessions (aka physical torture) while really painful, really help soooo much!  I get stronger and more stable after every one!  And yesterday, I drove myself to therapy for the first time!  Soooo good to be able to drive again… house arrest has been lifted finally!!  And my stalwart sidekick has been by my side every day!!

File Aug 14, 8 29 13 AM

I am playing catch-up now, after not being able to get up to my sewing room for a month.  I still have not made the Schnibbles group monthly project for July…sigh

File Aug 14, 8 30 27 AM

But I am slowly trying to catch up on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks. 

File Aug 14, 8 30 38 AM

I LOVE the tea kettle block!  Such fun!!  My favorite part is choosing the fabrics for each block!!  If you are making these blocks, what’s your favorite part?

File Aug 14, 8 29 30 AM

I love this Grandma’s Quilt block, too!

File Aug 14, 8 29 49 AM

Do you use these mini- design boards and Alphabitties to keep your cut pieces organized?

File Aug 14, 8 30 03 AM

I think they really help me make the blocks faster…easier to know which piece is which and such!

File Aug 14, 8 30 15 AM

I fussy cut the center piece of the Hooks, Needles, & Brushes block!

File Aug 14, 8 31 32 AM

My sweet Yogi is losing his hearing, along with vision in his right eye.  I can now come into the house carrying rustling bags, turn off the alarm system and he does not even hear any of that… sigh…  :-(



  1. Glad you're feeling better and hope you're making a full recovery soon! It's sad when our pets get older but hey, we do too. I didn't make the Schnibbles project for this month yet but hope to catch up soon. Have a wonderful wekend:-)

  2. Great news hearing you and your new knee are getting to know each other better! It takes time. Sorry to hear about little Yogi. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of time at the sewing machine.

  3. So happy for you and your knee recovery! I truly enjoy getting your newsletters with all your projects. They are all so beautiful! So sorry about Yogi. It is very hard to see a beloved pet get older and suffer the effects of aging. My prayers are with you both.

  4. Awww, poor puppy. I remember when that happened to my Slipper kitty. =( I'm glad you are doing much better. I love those dotty fabrics, especially the white on yellow!

  5. Good to hear that you are doing so well! And back behind the wheel again. Reminds me of Gen Autry's old song, "Back in the saddle again..." :-) Sorry to hear about little Yogi. Hope those ear/eye issues come to a halt in their progression.

  6. I'm glad you're getting back on your feet, but poor Yogi, give him a hug for me. I've thought about doing the farm girl and your blocks could be the ones that get me started, so cute.

  7. Glad your recovery after knee surgery is going well. Poor little Yogi - if there are any questions please post on WESTIES HEALTH -- FROM EARS TO TAIL Facebook group page.

    Happy sewing - loved that tea pot block also!

  8. Glad to hear your knee is healing and you getting better each day! I love your blocks. Lori's blocks are so clever and cute. Her quilt is on my "bucket list." And, dear Yogi -- what a sweetheart. Please give him love from this fan.

  9. Loads of kisses and woofs to you Yogi from your number 1 fan in the UK - Douglas. I'm glad your Mum's knee is getting better!

  10. Glad your knee is getting better! Sorry to hear about Yogi, our fur babies mean so much to us. And yes the tea kettle is lovely along with the other block as well!


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