Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Too Weird For Words

I bought a cool quilt kit on Craftsy that was deeply discounted... great price!

I thought it was so interesting.  The fabrics were mostly Kaffee, which I love...

but the combination was really NOT made of fabrics I would EVER put together in one quilt.  But I do think it's an "interesting" quilt.

So, I named it- "Too Weird For Words".

What do you think???

Yogi's going back to the vet tomorrow...sigh.  The older he gets, the easier his skin breaks down... UGH!


  1. Perfect name for this quilt! I have to agree with you about the fabrics, but admiringly, I'm not Kaffee's biggest fan. Poor Yogi! Such a cutie! I'm sure he appreciates how well you take care of him. XO

  2. I'm with you, however it's beautiful. Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones, and you did.

  3. Aww, poor Yogi boy. Hope he heals quickly. Yes, those are a rather odd combo of fabrics but it is lovely.

  4. It's very busy but seams to work even though I am not a Kaffee fan either...
    Hope all goes well for Yogi...🐶

  5. I do like the pattern and the fabrics ... seperately ... together the fabrics are to busy for my taste.
    Poor Yogi, I hope he doesn't suffer too much my cats hate to go to the vet.

  6. I think I love it, but when I look close I have to agree, I would never put those fabrics together. It feels like we are at the Vet all the time lately, lots of skin problems. I hope Yogi feels better soon.

  7. Love you Yogi from your No 1 fan in England. Douglas the 12 year old Westie xxxxx

  8. I don't mean to be disrespectful, as I love your quilts. I am not sure if I love this one or hate it. LOL!

  9. Yogi Snowy and I hope you get better soon. Snowy has just had the worst run with his paw - kept breaking down with his licking, just one paw - but we seem to be on a winner antibiotic now. So fingers crossed for you. Polly the quilt is different enough to be nice - I love Kaffe Fassett but mainly his bright blues, purples and reds. His brown range is oddly nice.

  10. Ohhhhhh I am so glad to know I am not the only one that does not like his fabrics.
    I have some of his stuff in precuts for various things and uses, but over all, his fabric is a bit weird.
    This quilt is marvelous. I love the actual pattern. The fabrics are crazy.
    Well done. I bet you laughed the whole time

  11. This is a perfectly lovely quilt....but it just doesn't look like you. The prints are a bit much for me but you did a lovely job putting it together.

  12. Hi Polly, I hope your sweet Yogi is doing better today. I know our babies need more vet visits as they get older. Pierro just had a tooth removed today he is still at the vet.
    So, I am staying around the house (doing stupid chores) and will bring him home later, all doped up, poor thing.
    Now, I have a question. My son in law LOVES this quilt hahahahahahaaa Do you recall the name of it? or the pattern name?
    I hope you are enjoying some nice air conditioning. I am. I do not like summer when it is humid bleh. I am getting so OLD that I after I vacuumed up stairs, I laid down on the carpet and rested my back lol

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  14. Positive thoughts for Yogi--interesting backing fabric

  15. My two black scottie dogs, Dottie & Olive, are in love with your Yogi. I hope Yogi feels better soon. My Girls have a vet appointment this afternoon. This is part of it when your furbabies get older. Best Wishes....


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