Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, Y'all!!

We had our BBQ on Saturday night so we could celebrate with our son and his girlfriend!  

We had margaritas, ribs and steak with mushrooms and corn on the cob, salad, and cake!  Yum!  Love summer food, don't you??!!

So, today I get to play catch-up on emails and sorting/saving photos, long overdue blog posting and hopefully SEWING this afternoon!!  But, I have made a few new patriotic quilties to put out for the summer!

This one was a kit from Connecting Threads... very reasonable, too!! 

I love the simplicity of it!  It only took a few hours to make!! 

It lives in the foyer!  So does the next one!

I use patriotic colors, plus sunflowers and watermelons in my summer decor.  

I had a little bit of this very old sunflower fabric saved in my stash, 

so I subbed some into the center pinwheels and stars in this runner!!

This little mat was made from the leftovers from these runners.

And I finally finished the last of Kathy Schmitz's four seasonal stitchery wall hangings!

I was able to use the last bits of that same beloved sunflower print on it, as well!!

The tiny center quilt is paper pieced.  Not my favorite quilting technique, but it sure does ensure perfect points!!

Kathy made her wall hangings using only black and beige fabrics, but I have used colored fabrics in all of mine!!

They sure do cheer up our little "throne" room...

I've been able to do some weeding and gardening this summer...

unlike last summer when I was having my knee replacement surgeries.

Love my day lilies, roses and geraniums...

unfortunately so do the deer around here.  Can you see him hiding in the bushes?  

So, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Yogi is catching up on some usual!!   But we both want to know what lovelies you are sewing on these days!!  Do tell!!


  1. Love your patriotic quilts and your little stitched mini! I've made two American quilts, too, although I'm German but I give this to you ... you have the better flag;-) I've made the 'Stars and Stripes Quilt' by Thimbleblossoms and a little mini which was a free pattern by Temeculaquilts. Oh, and the 'Star Bright Mini' for the Minis and More parade. Now I'm playing catch-up with the FQS Crossroads quilt-along and then I'm playing catch-up with my Splendid Sampler blocks ... sense a theme here? Give Yogi a treat from me and a hug to you!

  2. I see you made liberal use of your sunflower fabric. Sunflowers, flags, and summer go together so well.

  3. Fantastic Patriotic little quilts and Kathys stitched mini is lovely...
    Your garden is very pretty and I see the deer sitting in the bushes....
    I'm trying to catch up with SAL blocks ....

  4. Loved the photos of your lovely home and yard. I struggle with deer and turkeys too! I also love sunflower fabric. Happy sewing!


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