Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Busy Summer!

Nowadays, I do most all my online stuff either on my iPhone or iPad, but I still find it easier to post on my blog using my laptop. And I feel so silly at times, on my laptop, when I try to make stuff happen by touching the screen!  It's a regular old laptop- NOT a touch screen!  HA!  Do you ever do that?

Well, I can't remember if I told you all that we are finally going to have our first grandchild in early October!!  We are sooooo very excited to meet this little man!!  So, of course, I've been busy sewing up some fun baby stuff!

I shared this little quilt on Facebook, but the rest of them are to be gifts and will be shared with you after the baby shower here in mid- August!

We have a spare bedroom upstairs that we've always called The Baby hopes of getting some grandkids!!  We went to Ikea and got a crib and changing table for this room so maybe we'll be allowed to babysit when my son and his wife come back to our area to visit us and their friends!

This little quilt was made using one charm pack and is the perfect size for a utility quilt that can be used in a carriage or car seat!  I've got a few more to make up, too. I'll take photos of our little room when all is done and revealed at the shower!!

I made this little charm pack quilt for a friend's new little baby, Owen!  Isn't he just beautiful??!!

I also made up this cute tote bag for my dear sister Sally's birthday!  

The panel is from Jillily Studio.  The fabric collection is called Bicycles and Blooms and it's just adorable!

I just dropped my feed dogs and free-motion stitched all around the design and then stippled the white background.

I forgot to show you these mugrugs I made to thank our guild board members and committee chairs for the last guild meeting of our 2015-16 year.

We meet in a local elementary school, so our guild year runs from September through June.  I was president last year and will be again this year.  

These mugrugs were so fun to make...and I only had to make 30 of them!!

Well, I've got so much more I can share with you after the baby shower in August! You'll just have to stay tuned!!

Yogi is not loving this hot summer, so he stays mostly inside with the AC on!! Hope you are keeping cool if you're in summer and warm if you are in winter!! Snow sounds pretty good when our outdoor temps are near 100!!  

What are you sewing on these days?


  1. Both baby quilts are lovely and Owen is such a cutie,,,,
    How lucky is your sis getting that fabulous bag from you....
    Lucky guild members receiving one of those beaut mug rugs....
    Poor Yogi does look pooped with the hot weather...
    It's been very cold here sew I also like the AC but on HEAT!!!!
    I've just finished Windy Farm...

  2. Congrats to being a grandmother soon! Love the baby quilt you've made for him nothing to fancy that your DIL would feel bad about using it but with the squares and the starfish applique practical and yet unique. Will be intersting to see how Yogi will react to the new family member.

  3. Oh my!! So many cute items. You've been so busy. I especially love that bicycle tote bag. That gives some ideas for some panels that have been languishing in the stash. Congrats on that anticipated grandbaby! Being grandparents is a good gig! We got 5 of them in the past 5 years.

  4. Those appreciation mug rugs are ADORABLE!!

  5. Very cute everything. I love the tote bag. I am a tote bag nut so will be looking for that panel.

  6. Baby quilts! Love the quilting on starfish! We've also been waiting patiently for grandchildren and I've been collecting baby ideas! The bicycle panel is too cute and lovely made into a tote bag! I'm sure the cute mug rugs were appreciated.

  7. Congratulations! You're going to love being a grandma. I have six grandchildren and it's fun, fun, fun! Your quilts are beautiful and I really like the tote. Great pics of Yogi!

  8. Congratulations on the news that you'll be a grandmother soon. Aren't you glad you had your kneww surgeries so you can be ready to keep up with the little one? I love your blog and am so pleased seeing it waiting for me to open and read. Yes, I love my iPad and there are times I want to touch the screen on my computer and have it react - but, it doesn't. I chuckle a bit that I've gotten so used to just pressing the screen for action. I enjoy Yogi, too, he's such a dear.

  9. Snow NEVER sounds good; 70 maybe but NOT SNOW! YUCK! LOVE that cute little starfish and WOW, all your other projects. TOO CUTE!

  10. Took a look at your shop the other day and ordered two scrap bags. They arrived today, and I AM SO PLEASED WITH THEIR CONTENTS!! Thanks to you and your staff!!


  11. Ohhhh congratulations on the grandbaby boy! G-babies are great! My third little grandson is coming the end of October. Love the little quilt!

  12. ohhh my sweet treats here, and the bicycle bag is my fav next to adorable..


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