Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Still Here!!

I am sorry for not posting in soooo long!! In my defense, I was helping plan my daughter-in-law's first baby/our first grandchild shower. This was hung on my front door for the shower then went home for the nursery wall!

So honored that it was held here in my home!  So very much fun!!  

Meet Grover, my son's favorite toy as a toddler, who was very well loved!  

So, of course, he had to come out of Anthony's storage tub in the basement to a place of honor on the table.   

And I got the baby a new small Grover to pop out of the top of the diaper cake!!

Her colors for the new nursery are grey, blues, black and white.  She made this pretty quilt for the baby herself!! :-)

This is my real official quilt for my first grandson, who is due October 2nd!! 

I stayed with their colors as much as I could (wink) but did add a few tiny splashes of green!!  

The colors and design reminded me of water sliding over rocks in a stream with tiny bits of moss here and there...

so I named it "Babbling"...which will also describe the baby a few months down the road!! 

I also did some real modern free motion quilting on it!!  Really loved doing that, too!!

Then, I bought some cute charm packs of children's collections and made small utility quilts that can be used for car seats and carriage and such.  

A charm pack has 42 five inch squares and with a 6 by 7 layout, you get a little quilt that is about 27" by 32"!

It takes about an hour to lay the charm squares out and sew them together.

Then about 30-45 minutes to layer and quilt it.

Then about an hour or so to attach and sew down the binding.

So, they are fun and quick and easy to make.  It does take a bit more time should you decide to add a bit of applique'!!

I really loved making them all!!  A few of them are all flannel.  Some are all regular cotton fabric, and some are regular cotton fabric on the front and have flannel on the back.

We had lots of great food, games, prizes and fun!  And Leah got awesome baby gifts...which Yogi stole two of from the open bags and boxes on the floor, after everyone had gone home!!  

He confiscated a rubber ducky and a little blue stuffed elephant!!  We all just had to laugh!!


  1. Isn't it exciting to anticipate that first grandchild? Even #5 was eagerly anticipated for us last summer. Being a grandparent is a good gig! The quilts are all adorable and will be well loved and used.

  2. Oh, Polly! I love all the appliques on the little quilts. I see an A is for alligator and Z is for Zebra plus a few more....are you going to do the entire alphabet? LOL! I am working on a quilt for a friend's daughter who is expecting in December and I am having so much fun doing it! My grandchildren have quite a few quilts that I have made them so this way I can do some more baby quilts! Fun, fun, fun....almost as much fun as Yogi had finding his own toys! Wonder if he will share?

  3. I love all the baby quilts you've made and the one your DIL did is beautiful too. Had to laugh about Yogi took of with some toys I'm sure he thought you put them there for him.

  4. and you are a roll, how beautiful everything looks..nice to see you again...yogi just makes my heart sing

  5. Loving your thief act Yogi! Love from your No1 UK fan Douglas the Westi xx

  6. Lucky you for being a new gramma. It is great. My first grand baby is 15 months old now and she is hysterical :-D
    You made some perfect gifts for your new baby boy. He is going to love his gramma

  7. Oh how exciting becoming a Grandma ! His Mum made home a gorgeous quilt and you sure added lots of cute ones...
    Love dear old Groover and hope the baby likes his as much as his Dad loved his...
    LOL Maybe Yogi was feeling left out...

  8. Great quilts! Love that Yogi chose his own toys from the pile! hee...heee....

  9. Love seeing all those wonderful charm pack quilts. What a great idea and so pretty!

  10. Very creative. Loved the small awesome little quilts which will be used so much! Plus the applique took them over the top. I love seeing what you create. That's SO funny about Yogi❣


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