Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Haymarket Museum Quilt Show

Our local quilt guild chapter, Haymarket Quilters Unlimited, has a little quilt show going on this month.

We have a wonderful committee of girls who collected the quilts and set up the displays and manned the weekend hours.

The quilt show name is "Quilting Colorful Seasons of Love".

So the committee collected quilted items for each season and holiday.

The Haymarket Museum is right downtown and was originally a very small clapboard church.

And when I say small...I am not kidding. 

When our local wonderful quilt shop, Oh Sew Persnickety,  got in the new Tula Pink fabric collection, Slow and Steady, I fell in love!!

So, I just had to make it up in a quilt!!

I love, love, love the cheddary orange print, so I used it for the background.

It's a simple design made of traditional blocks by May Chappell called "Squiggly Bits".

It was a fun and easy quilt to piece!      

Just a few new pix of my adorable grandson, Neal!!

He is so very precious...

and so very, very  loved!!

Yogi has met Neal, but with his almost total loss of hearing and limited vision, he wasn't too interested until Neal started crying loudly.  Then Yogi started looking around, as he can not tell anymore where loud noises are coming from. :-(

Now that Halloween is over, the holidays always seem to rush up on us!!  Are you madly sewing up gifts by now?  I am!!


  1. Neal is indeed precious! I am in love with that cheddar print to. Happy gift making!

  2. thanks for the tour but the star was really Neal...gosh he tugs at our heart your new quilt too

  3. Neal is sure a cutie pie! Thanks for the little tour of the quilt show. Lots of eye candy.

  4. Neal is so adorable! Love the quilts too ♥

  5. What a fabulous quilt show Polly...
    Your sunny quilt is lovely...
    Oh Neal is adorable. Love the photo of him all rugged up I his pram ...
    Poor Yogi not hearing or seeing too well.

  6. I have to say I LOVE that "Be....." quilt. Is that a pattern I can buy? I love all of your posts. :)

  7. The quilt is beautiful
    I want to make one too now.
    Neil is adorable. So sweet.
    Yogi is so fortunate to have you to help him

  8. Your Neal is really cute!
    Sorry to hear that Yogi is having hearing issues but he's an old man now he's allowed to have some problems here and there. My cats turend 12 yo this summer and I can tell they behave 'older' not longer so playful and the sleep even more (and believe a cat knows how to sleep;-)
    Beautiful quilt in the quilt show there are two this weekend in and around Munich and I hope to visit at least one.

  9. Neal is a sweetie pie! So adorable! Love the quilts and Tula Pink's fabrics, especially the cheddar. It's really caught my eye. I always like to see pics of Yogi. Sweet boy!

  10. Another great quilt finish...yes...grandbabies are the BEST...enjoy!

  11. Neal is absolutely adorable! Is the Quilt show still running?

  12. Just found your blog and love it! So sorry for the loss of your dad. Also found your posts on MBS and loved them, too! It let me print instructions for everything except the Sew Busy! Organizer Set. Kept telling me Error 404, page not found. Any suggestions on how to get to the Printer Friendly page? Thank for any help and I look forward to more posts! :-)


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