Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March!! Already?

Wow.  I can not believe it's March already!  Where did February go?  Wasn't it just yesterday, that it was January?  Here in northern Virginia, we've hardly had a winter at all.  No snow to speak of...sigh.  I love me some snow...bigger sigh.  I still hope we get some before full on spring arrives.  But this morning, I noticed some pink blossoms budding out on my plum tree out back...biggest sigh.

My dear husband made a little convertible sewing table for my Mother's old Singer 99.  I've had my grandmother's treadle machine base for many years.  When I got it, there was no top on it and it was a rusty mess.  I took it all apart and cleaned it and repainted it and reassembled it and made a table top for it.  It sat in my dining room in my previous home for about 15 years.  Back then, husband made a greenhouse of old antique windows that sat on the treadle machine tabletop, and I kept plants in it.  

When we moved to this house over three years ago, I sat the table in my morning room with one big plant on it.  I wanted a place here on the first floor to set up a sewing machine sometimes, so my wonderful husband used the old table top already on the treadle base, and cut out part of it so my antique Singer 99 sewing machine would sit down into it.

Then he made another top that would sit over that base when my machine was not in it, and allow me to still use it as a piece of beautiful furniture for my big plant to sit upon!   He did a wonderful job with the construction, and I stained and polyurethaned it.  I am so happy with how it turned out!!

I had bee at my house on Valentine's Day, so I made my bee friends little lovebug pin cushions that I saw on Pinterest.  I like how they turned out!

I saw this adorable Brooklyn Bag from Swoon Designs, at Oh Sew Persnickety, our wonderful local quilt shop, and just had to make it! 

I love the cork fabric but it was the SLOTH fabric that sucked me in...

Making the purse was not hard, but sewing the thick cork fabric when it was doubled was tedious.  

The purse directions were well written and the designer has a photo tutorial on her website, as well.

I had three quilt tops draped across The Queen Mother, aka my Handiquilter 16 Sit-Down Machine, since before Christmas.  I'm happy to say, they are all quilted and bound and labeled!!  I'll share them next time!!

Yogi is plodding along!  He is almost completely deaf and has about 25% of his vision left.  He sleeps allot and is on several medications.  He'll be 16 in a month!  He still looks like a puppy, though!!  He just moves a bit slower!

So, what have you been sewing on lately?


  1. All lovely; the table with top, pincushions, and the bag. Sewing with cork intrigues me, will have to try it. Hugs to Yogi.

  2. I love your new purse. What great Sloth fabric that is. No wonder you couldn't pass it up! And those pin cushions...they are adorable. I looked on Pinterest, but didn't see them... Is there a pattern? I'd love to make some for my quilting girls!

  3. I was so happy to receive your post. I was wondering how you were doing and about sweet little Yogi. I love to see your blog. Those pin cushions are really cute. Love those! Just great to hear from you.

  4. Oh your house is so pretty. Neat and tidy.
    Your blog update really made me happy today Polly.
    I am waaaaay down in the dumps. I love this bag you made, it is beautiful. Well done!
    Yogi is the cutest puffy fluffy ever. I would lay next to him all day I think.
    I wish could have just one more day with my Pierro.
    Your husband did such a lovely job making the table tops. Give him a big hug from me. Now you have a beautiful table and a memory that you can always go to.
    This winter was very odd, but we have had others like this. It is the joy of living in Virginia

  5. What a fun post to read. I love your table, the pincushions and the bag is fabulous. I had not heard of cork fabric but would love to try using it. I hope you get a little snow before spring is really here.

  6. Oh how I would love to have your dining room. Windows on three sides!
    You and your husband have talent when it comes to doing things with wood. You are putting the treadle base to good use.

  7. So glad gorgeous Yogi is doing well - love him. Douglas our Westie is 13 in June and he's always been a sleepy boy but now he has Baxter the 6month old Westie pup to contend with! I think Douglas quite likes him - in small doses! Xx

  8. Hugs to Yogi. My old dog is about 13 or 14. he is a much larger dog.. I just treasure each day I still have him. LOVE your dining room.

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  10. How clever, the idea and workmanship of your little table. (I love your big, bright morning room.)
    Too cute, the love bugs and the sloth fabric. Beautiful workmanship on the bag; looks complicated.
    16! Little Yogi has earned his rest.
    Looking forward to seeing the quilts the Queen Mother finished up.
    Happy Spring!


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