Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blog Slug Here!!

No one will probably read this post because you have all given up on me, since it's been FOREVER since I posted!!  Sigh...  I'm blaming it on my laptop.  Old, ancient technology that takes forever to boot up and then I have to figure out how too get all my iPhone photos over to it for posting...ugh!!

Just because I haven't posted in a while, don't think I've been a slacker in my sewing room!! 😜  You can look at my list of things made on my side bar to see how busy I've been.  Seeee??

After my sweet Daddy passed away, we moved my dear Mother into a much smaller apartment in her same senior living condo in Florida.

So, I made her a new queen bedspread sized quilt with matching shams.

She really loved it!!  Her and my favorite color is periwinkle blue.  I'd been collecting florals in that color for years!! 

Then I made her a wall quilt to hang over her bed 

from the leftovers from the big bed quilt!!

I went on a spring quilt retreat in April with my local guild, and worked on two quilts.

One was the mystery quilt for our guild.  I used up lots of leftover scraps from previous projects.

It was fun to do a bit every month, after the instructions were put in our monthly guild newsletters.

I am very happy with how it turned out!  A Happy Scrappy BUSY Christmas quilt!!

And I also worked on a kit from Connecting Threads called Granny Love.

They were soft mini-prints that were very 30's like in appearance...so it really did look very old and vintage.   

I did swap out two light solids from the kit for two modern word print fabrics.

Yogi is still hanging in there.  He just turned 16, and although he is almost completely blind and deaf, he still is the apple of our eyes!

So, what are you all working on these days?


  1. Sweet Yogi - he's still a cutie! Our cat will be 16 over Labor Day weekend.

    Love your projects, especially the scrappy Christmas one. Are those 15" blocks or bigger?

  2. Hello Blog Slug!! There are some who keep checking on you:) I love the quilt and accessories you made for your Mother ... absolutely gorgeous.
    Yogi is still my favourite.

  3. Wow! You have been busy. Love all the quilts; Granny love is my favorite. As always, hugs to Yogi.

  4. Four BEAUTIFUL finishes! Congratulations.

  5. Happy Birthday Yogi! Our Westie, Bailey, will be turning 13 soon and he is doing well. His diabetes is being kept as controlled as we & the vet can do. . . but he is mostly blind from cataracts due to the diabetes.

    The quilts you did are lovely. I especially like what you did for your mom. . . great use of the fabrics.

  6. Good to hear from you again and to be able to see all your beautiful quilts. Hugs

  7. Loved ❤️ Seeing you pop up Polly..
    Sew many beautiful Quilts especially your Mums new one and her wall hanging...

    Hello Yogi, you look very cosy on the couch. Lacy 🐶

  8. Thanks for posting about what you have sewing. Your projects are beautiful! I'm glad to hear that Yogi is still doing OK. He is so sweet!

  9. I have missed you! What a treat to see your beautiful work and accomplishments! I really love that quilted wall hanging you made to put over your mother's bed. That is really pretty. Your work in quilting is some of the best I have seen. Your love shows in it. I think that is why it always is stunning and creative.
    Glad little Yogi is doing OK. He is so cute. Glad also that you are well, too.

  10. Love your quilt, wall hanging, and shams for your momma. I'm sure she loves them. The colors are my favorite also.

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet Yogi! He is a little treasure. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts!

  12. I have not given up on you, Polly. Life and things happen, especially technology glitches and health. I for one, enjoy your posts. Hugs to Yogi.

  13. I like the Quilt you made for your Mother it looks very good. I also love Granny Love from Connecting threads. Nice o see your blog posts again.

  14. Pretty colors for your mother's quilt.

  15. Wonderful to see you posting again - have sure missed all your beautiful quilts - wall
    hanging and great ideas... Happy Birthday to Yogi & many many more... Really like the
    quilt and wall hanging you made for your Mom... looks so pretty.. Sometimes life just
    get us bogged down for awhile... Hugs to ya... and Yogi..

  16. Beautiful quilt(s) for your Mom--I am sure they make her smile each time she sees them Happy Birthday to Yogi--our Callie Mae turned ten in March.

  17. It is ALWAYS good to hear from you, no matter how long the absence! You always make such fun projects and I love to hear how Yogi is getting on. So, it's happened again - I've fallen in love with another of your quilts - this time the scrappy Christmas mystery quilt (probably because I, too, have so many holiday fabric scraps wanting to be used!). Now I must figure out how to make it (unless you have a secret tip or two to share!). Enjoy Springtime in Virginia!

  18. So glad to hear from you. Wow, you have been busy! Your quilts are beautiful. My mom's favorite color is also periwinkle blue.

  19. It was good to see your post. I too have been a blog slug. So many fun projects you have accomplished. I love the quilt you made for your Mother. Your other projects are fabulous too.

  20. It looks like you've been a very busy bee in your sewing room, Polly. And Sweet Yogi is still a super cutie. Our furry friends sure do leave their paw prints on our hearts, don't they. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx


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