Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Madness!

I think I told you all about the UFO challenge our local quilt guild runs each year?  Because we meet in a local elementary school, our guild year runs from September through June, with the summer off.  In October, you turn in a detailed list of the UFO's you want to complete during the year. 

For each UFO on your list, you put $1.00 in the pot.  During the year, as you complete your UFO's, and show them at Sew and Tell, the coordinator marks them as completed on your list.  At the June meeting, a drawing is held.  For every completed UFO, you get your name in the pot again.  So If I had 10 UFO's on my list, I put $10 in the pot.  If I finished 7 of my UFO's, my name goes in the drawing 7 times.  The first name drawn gets one half of the money.  The second and third names drawn get a quarter each!  It's a fun way to earn money while finishing up your UFO's, right?

Well, it's only a week until our last meeting on June 1st.  My UFO list has 20 things on it.  I am trying hard to finish them all.  I've got # 17 ready to quilt today...then only two left!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK? 

So, one of the things on my list, was to finish  the sewing cross stitch I had been working on at bee, when I had no quilts to bind.   I don't take my sewing machine to bees...just hand work.

I  was really into cross stitch back in the 80's....then I lost interest.  I have found I still do like doing it, so now I keep a project in my bee bag, all the time.

Another  UFO on my list, is this cute little house quilt.  It started as a kit from Connecting Threads...but in the end, I used my sewing themed scraps to make it.

I'm taking down my old Mary Engelbreit sewing themed quilt that hangs over The Queen Mother, aka my HQ Sweet 16 Sit Down machine, 

(you can see it on the right side of this pix)
and replacing it with a collection of small mini-quilts...  so these two will be up there, soon!

You remember my adorable grandson, Neal?

He continues to wrap us all around his little fingers.  I love making fun things for him!!  I made a bopple ball for him.  He is teething and does not like to chew on hard things, but loves to chew on fabric like bibs and his bopple ball arms!!

Isn't he just the cutest baby ever????  Those EYES!! 

Yogi is dying to know what cute things YOU are making today??


  1. That grandson is adorable! Looks like a sweetie! My youngest grandchild will turn 2 next week and the oldest will turn 6 a couple of days later. They are fun!

    I was also into cross stitch in the 80s and recently pulled out a piece to finish. Love that sewing themed cross stitch.

  2. Grandchildren are such a blessing! Such a cutie!

    OH....and that cross stitch project is to die for.....Do you have a source for the pattern? I take cross stitch when I travel and in need of something like that.
    Peggy in NJ

  3. I still enjoy cross stitch and your sewing piece is awesome. I love how you quilted around the cross stitching. You've really knocked alot off that UFO list. Your grandson is perfectly adorable! Give Yogi an ear rub from me and my 3 pups.

  4. Love your little quilts and the bopple balls are wonderful. Your grandson is getting so big and is a real cutie pie. Hug Yogi and give him an extra pat from me. Good to hear from you again.

  5. You shame me with all your finishes! The cross stitch machine is awesome--very clever. Your Grandson is adorable!

  6. Your grandson is so cute!
    Congrats for finishing so many UFOs I confess I'm better at starting then finishing;-)
    Tell Yogi I'm currently juggling soe projects let's see if I mange to finish them all but I'm quite sure I will because I love all the things I'm making right now.

  7. What an adorable baby!! He's a doll!

    I love the UFO idea. How wonderful!!


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