Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!  We did here in Northern Virginia!!

We got to babysit our grandson Neal in December, at their home in Philly, while his parents attended a Christmas party.

This little man is such a joy to be around! 

It's so fun to see the world through his exploring eyes, as he figures things out.

On Christmas morning, I was very surprised when my DH gave me a new Bernina!!

I had told him to let me know when he was gonna finally retire, so I could get a new machine before he did.  My Artista 640 was 16 years old!  Wow!  Time flies!!  It is a great machine, but wanted some new features like the even-feed foot!

So, my DH bought it secretly before Thanksgiving during the "get-a-free-sewing-cabinet-deal" was going on!!  Smart man!!  I'm still waiting to hear when the new cabinet will be delivered, so for now it is sitting atop my old sewing table...waaaay too big for that space.  I've had to figure out how to rearrange my little sewing room to accommodate the newer larger cabinet.  I had to move my Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-down machine out to another room and rearrange some other furniture.  When the new cabinet comes in, and everything is resettled, I'll take  lots of pix and do a new sewing room reveal post!!
I made my dear Mother a walker bag for Christmas, so she can keep needed items close at hand.

Her walker is hot pink, so I thought these fabrics would be perfect!!

I'm happy to say, she loves it!!  Yay!!

I'm working on a few projects, and will write about them when they are done!!

Yogi and I would love to know what have you been up to in this brand new year! 

Any big resolutions or plans or goals?


  1. Your post made me smile! That grandson is so cute and pretty clever too. I'm sure your mom loves her new walker bag.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your handsome, little Neal! Enjoy every precious moment. Oh my, what a lovely sewing machine and of course, I love to see a pic of Yogi. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Congrats! on your new machine. I'd LOVE to play in that stack of fabric you showed. What fun you will have with those blues and greens!!

  4. Such precious time spent with cute little Neal. He's a smart little fella working out he'd reach higher shelves standing on the
    What a wonderful surprise hubby buying your new machine.. I'm sure you'll create lots of beautiful things on it .enjoy !
    Great gift you made for Mum.X
    Love the green and blues , looking forward to seeing what you make.
    I've been playing along with Bonnie Hunters Mystery but it's doing my head many pieces...
    Hello Yogi , you look like you're enjoying your cosy bed. Lacy has just been to the groomers and is looking smart again . 🐶

  5. How fun to have a new Bernina to play with. Looks like it should sew all on its own.

  6. What fun you have been having! Your grandson is a doll, how wonderful you get to spend time with him. New machine is lovely. Have a great 2018. Hugs to Yogi.

  7. Oh my oh my, what a darling little guy. Good to be near enough to see him now and then.
    With a bright pink walker and this spiffy bag, your mom is bound to be one classy lady. It looks like you are quite busy with that stack of beautiful blues and greens. Talk about beautiful, that new Bernina is gorgeous. Big work area and even-feed, what's not to love! Good on your DH!
    Hoping 2018 is a fantabulous year for you and your family!

  8. What a lovely gift from hubby!! Enjoy!

  9. What a fantastic surprise from your Sweetie! Can't wait to see the projects you create on it. Love the walker pocket ... I work at a retirement village & I think maybe I need to find a pattern for one of those. Big Squooshy Bear Hugs to you & Sweet Yogi! KRIS xx

  10. Yay for adorable grand babies, your little fella is so cute.
    Lucky you, a new Bernina, but it was well deserved I know it.
    Hugs and kisses to Yogi

  11. Your new Bernin alooks magnificent...I have an older one a 1090S - but it still is fabulous! How lucky to be able to babysit tht cutie!


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