Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Busy Days!

In my last post, I showed you my new Bernina 790 plus that my husband gave me for Christmas. 

He purchased it before Thanksgiving when Bernina was running a special deal giving you a Koala cabinet with your machine.  

It took about 7 weeks for the new cabinet to was finally delivered last Monday.

It is larger than my old Horn Quilters Dream cabinet, so I had to  do some rearranging in my sewing room for it.  

I moved my Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down machine out of my sewing room, and into the Grand's Room next door.  

Then I was able to move my big Ikea cubby unit down into the corner where my HQ machine had been sitting, so the new wider Koala cabinet would fit where my old Horn cabinet had been sitting- in the center of my sewing room.

So, while I have been waiting for the new cabinet to arrive, I've been busy making some new small sewing themed wall quilts to put up on the wall previously covered by the cubby unit.

I had several small plastic chest of drawers units full of notions and accessories that used to sit under the old cabinet, but the new one has built in drawers...

but I still needed more drawers, and a surface for my rotating caddy, so I found just what I was looking for at Ikea.

I like the big shallow drawers for all my machine feet and such.  It's just perfect!  And only took about 2 hours to assemble!  Yay!!

I also found two new task lights at Ikea for my cutting area to the left of my machine.

I also moved my TV and Blue Ray player over to the top of my bookcases, so they are easier to see while at my machine!!

I am sooooo LOVING my new sewing machine!  It's my fourth Bernina in the last 40 years...and the best one by far!!

My husband named this one for me!  MLB  - my last Bernina!!  LOL!!

We just recently had a lovely visit with our grandson Neal!!  Is he beautiful or what?  

And as smart as a whip...scary how he troubleshoots  and comes up with new ways to explore his world...

Yogi is still with us, though blind and deaf and a bit more frail. as time goes by!

When hubby is out of town, Yogi takes over his side of our bed!!

What are you up to lately?


  1. Of course that grandson is just so cute!! Love the little quilts decorating your newly arranged studio.

  2. Your room looks great! Lucky you, great new machine and a perfect table. I am planning a trip to Ikea and I need those shallow drawers. I live several hours from Ikea so I need a list. Those lights are great, I have a few.

  3. Your sewing room looks fabulous--I love the sewing themed minis! I am glad to hear you love the new Bernina. I have my Grandma's Bernina 830 she bought the same month I was born. I had two motors, one foot pedal, and the brushes all replaced several times. I sewed on it for about 16 years. My Bernina mechanic told me it was time to retire her about 7 years ago. Unfortunately, I could not afford another Bernina. I settled for a Pfaff and it has been fine and worked for my budget. I do often look at the used Bernina's my dealer features on their monthly email--maybe someday! Your grandson is precious!

  4. Your grandson is adorable.
    Love your room, looks like many enjoyable hour await you. Have fun

  5. Wow! Your room looks great with all the re-arranging that you have done. Glad you are enjoying your new machine. I also have that cabinet from Ikea, love it. It is a good thing that the Ikea nearest to me is two hours away! As always, hugs to Yogi.

  6. I love this post, Polly. This is such a sweet update.
    Big smooches to Yogi. I still miss my Pierro. Yes, I have other kitties, but I am still missing him. I think there might be some other factors.
    You can, if you like, move your Sweet 16 over to my house.

    You grand son is growing so nicely Wow, these littles are so adventurous

  7. You certainly have been busy. Wow a lovely new sewing machine and a cabinet.
    Grandson is a cutie.
    Hugs to Yogi.

  8. Love your additions to your sewing room. Congratulations on the new machine. I was so happy to see your post, wish you would post more often.

  9. Sew nice to see you pop up again Polly... your sewing space is amazing. I have my third Bernina , got my first one for my 21st, then inherited Mums and now have a 440 and love it too but it getting older and may need one more.WOW such a fantastic stash and collection of pre all new new sewing themed minis .. the poop 💩 one made me smile.....
    Neal is just adorable ...
    I did have a tear when I saw dear Yogi , he's just sew sweet. Just enjoy him and a huge from me and lick from Lacy.

  10. How are you and yours? Really have missed you. Super pictures and so happy to see your room is super packed and as plentiful as mine. Our treasures surround us. Did Yogi upgrade his bed on top also? I sure wish our little " love buds" would out live us. He sure is lucky to have you and hubby to care for him.

    Does your machine have a cut out insert in the cabinet to make it level with top? I could not tell. Sure love the look of it all. Neal is growing into being a lovely boy. I believe little ones are there to teach us new things. Hugs from JudyCinNC


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