Friday, July 9, 2010

Drip, Drop, Drip Drop...

Ok, so, I've been back from my trip to Orlando to spend the 4th of July with
 my dear family for 3 days now. 
Have I sewn a stitch since I've been back?

Not a stitch!  Yep, that's me.
A SLUG!!!!!!!

But instead of being covered in slimey goo,
I'm covered in sweat up in my sewing room.

We've had a week of over 100 degree
 days and my AC upstairs in my
sewing room  isn't very cool!

So, I hope the temps drop soon and
 I can get back in my sewing room!
I am soooo behind in my current projects!
How's YOUR summer going?


  1. LOL now there's a post! Love the graphical images, hahaha!

    Hot here as well, luckily for me, my upstairs a/c works very well. I hope it cools off by you soon!

  2. Been waaaay to hot to sew here too... !!

    Hope your weekend is better!


  3. Hope it cools off so you can's been hotter than hot here this week and more to come! Try to stay cool!

  4. Its hard to imagine when its pouring with rain here!! Love your new banner :)

  5. Our winter is freezing. We have had the coldest tempertures for over forty years.I have my AC on heating. Seems strange that we are upside down to you.

    Nice new background Polly.

  6. I've had the same problem. It's hot in my sewing room in the afternoon. I've tried sewing first thing in the morning and later in the evening. I've even considered setting up a sewing machine in my first floor dining room. But, it's summertime. It's ok to be a slug and enjoy the time :) Take care!

  7. Sending cool cyber breezes your way (smile)!!!

  8. SO HOT! And, Jack had Hand, foot and mouth (ick) so we have not even been able to cool off at the pool! Is is fall yet?!?!?! I am over summer and ready for sweater and jeans weather!!

  9. AS we are under a heat warning today, I can understand your desire to be a slug! I want to finish quilting my Between Friends Quilt, but it gets so hot in my sewing room. Love how yours is turning out!

  10. Same problem! I've been doing some hand embroidery-pretty much what I do every summer! :)

    This year I added the silk ribbon embroidery to my batik star quilt (I just finished and posted pix today) and I'm doing some redwork.


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