Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scnibbles Times Two Contest

OK, so you all know about the
Schnibbles Times Two contest,

has been doing a Schnibble Along
to help us get our quilts done
 for the contest!
I worked on the blocks Friday night
 during the Sew-In. 
I worked on it yesterday and
finished it up this morning!!  YAY!

I used the Spin City pattern from the book.

I used two charm packs from the "Boutique" line.

I free-motion machine quilted it with
 multicolored thread to make the
spinning blocks look like flowers with leaves.
  I embellished it with yoyos and
green buttons for the flower
centers and added ladybug
buttons scattered accross it.


I used a green ginghamish plaid
for the inner border and binding.

And I'm so glad it's all done- labelled, too!!
I really love these fabrics!!  Yum!!
This afternoon, I started the
 Joy Luck Schnibble for July!
Hope to have it done in a few days!!
What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Now that is just the cutest Schnibbles ever Polly! I love your embellishments!

  2. that is so pretty! the yoyos are the perfect touch, and the gingham is so cute :)

  3. The Schnibbles looks beautiful - great fabric!
    I gardened and visited some family and friends this weekend.

  4. I love the happy colors in your fabrics. I have the Schnibbles book and I am inspired!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! It looks wonderful!

  6. OOH, Polly, the yoyos and buttons is a FANTASTIC embellishment. What a great personal touch.

    Now - did you get any rest? LOL

  7. Oh, Polly - it's SO cute! You did a wonderful job! Way to sew (smile)!

  8. Great job! I'm so impressed! Love the yo-yo's and buttons on this pattern. I had hoped to participate in the contest, too. I started my quilt, but it's not finished. That's ok. I'll get it finished in the next weeks. Good luck!

  9. Polly my dear lady...this is FAB, colourful, breathtaking and I am envious as anyone can be...all in a good way of course
    blessing a new charming newbie...madame samm

  10. Oh my gosh Polly, that is the cutest one I have seen. Seriously. I didn't really care for that pattern in the book (which I have with me today at work so I can get it spiral bound). Your version is really adorable. I love it, you are brilliant!

  11. Your schnibble looks great. I like your interputation of the pinwheel/flowers. Very Cheery, way to go!!!


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