Monday, July 19, 2010

Late CGQC Goals for July and August

HOLY COW!!!  Where did this month go already???   
 I am SOOOO late posting my
Charming Girls Quilt Club

Goals for July and August! 
Hmmmm!  OK, first off is-

(weird... not sure why this posted in black??)

OK, right now my biggest need is
More sleep.
Uninterrupted sleep.
Menopause and hot flashes do not help
 trying to sleep well, either.
And with both my grown boys back home and coming in and going out at all hours I don't ever get a whole night's sleep without waking up several times a night.  Our Westie, Yogi, sleeps with DH and I

and when he hears the front door open in the dark he launches himself off the bed barking hysterically and proceeds to bark all the way down the hall, then all the way down the stairs until he sees
that it is just his own boy(s).
Sigh... rollover and try to get back to sleep.
Does this happen to you, too?
So, I am trying to go to bed a tad earlier and also to not plan early things for Saturday mornings as it's the only day we can all sleep in.  Sigh...

Other priorities for the upcoming two months-
1. read some each day... got lots of novels waiting for me
2. keep the deck plants alive in this summer heat
3. keep up with all my blogging friends!!
4. keep up with the Schnibbles each month
5. make a new purse for Back to School (work)
6. write Stash Manicure post on the 19th
and this one is HUGE...
7. clean out my stash closet
(in August after I'm off from summer school....)

(I wish it really looked this good now... this was taken a year ago!)

Boy, this one will take FOREVER!!

I wish I could list quilting the two large lap quilt tops I have completed, but not until my shoulder gets better.
Sigh!  Getting old is NOT for wussies!!
What are YOU up to so far this summer??


  1. Look at that closet of yours! Love it.
    Thanks again for the post today over on Stash Manicure.

  2. Not to sound rude BUT that is one big stash you have! LOL!

    Hope you get some sleep.

  3. Holy cow that is a nice stash you've got there Miss Polly!

    I hope you get some sleep... hot flashes are the pits! But think of all the extra sewing time :)

  4. Polly I hear you with the kids, dog, hot flashes! I have 3 little dogs that will bark in the middle of the night. What may help is closing your door. Sounds so simple but it works for one of my dogs. Close the door and she doesn't bark. And if Yogi barks - he may stop once he reaches the door. Which is a lot less barking then alll the way down the hall, and down the stairs. And the barking might be him just saying "Hello". I have one of those dogs too. The other thing we did was invest in bark collars. It's a little zap (little I tell you, we tested them out on ourselfves - please don't ask unless you want to wet your pants laughing) the zap gets a bit stronger after each bark. They stop barking real quick. And now I just show them the collars and say "no barking".

  5. Polly, I am glad to see you back! I was getting a little worried about you. I have finally started sleeping through the night again...I think what helped was not working and a friend suggested a glass of warm milk...bleech!...not my favorite, but I do remember it from my younger days...and I have to say for the past week...I have been sleeping a lot better. Actually slept through the night more times than I can now count....the big question is???is it the milk or the fact that I am finally relaxing from work. keep cool! and keep sewing! hope to see you soon! Mary Jane

  6. Oh my goodness -- your stash closet could be a whole two month's goal all by itself!! :)

  7. Great goals! I'll be cheering you on! I wish I could figure out the sleep thing.

  8. I envy your stash. I could be in quilt heaven with all that fabric. I seldom buy fabric without an immediate use for it. I've had some fabric pieces given to me over the years from a friend who sews her own clothes and I have some from clothes I've made. I've been working my way through them. Having a blast!

  9. Great goals you have this summer and I just love the pumpkin quilt you posted at Stash Manicure, it's adorable!!
    I am in serious stash love with your closet. Drool;-)

  10. I hear ya on the sleep front. Nothing like a Westie on alert to wake the dead.
    I really related to the 'read every day too' did my reading stop? I don't know.
    good luck with all your goals, I think you'll achieve them all..except maybe that stash reduction...that is a task and a half! :)

  11. Wow! I just found someone whose stash equals mine. At my age (77) I do not think there is much hope planning a stash reduction.


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