Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Welcome to the Spring 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival!

blog quilt fest spr 2011

I designed this quilt as my first honey bun project.  I really LOVE precuts of all kinds!  What a genius idea for us busy quilters!  I am the first to admit, the absolutely worst part of quilting for me is cutting!  I hate cutting all the quilt parts…  it takes me f o r e v e r , too, as I measure like twenty times before I cut so I don’t make a mistake and waste fabric…sigh…

So, designing and sewing quilts with pre-cuts sure does get you past the yucky cutting part quicker and into the fun piecing and quilting part!  YAY!


So, this is my first version of my “Counting By Fives” quilt made with a Mary Engelbreit “Attitude Girls” honey bun.  I used one of my favorite Moda fabrics for the background… “Make Life” fabric with all the fun words on it!!


I am a Mary Engelbreit freak and have been for years…  love her whimsical art and her use of bright colors and black and white…  so really love this quilt!!  I made this one in August and with my mind on having to go back to school (I’m a teacher) in a few weeks, I thought of “Counting by Fives” for the name.

I remade the quilt in “Charlevoix” collection for the Moda Bake Shop.


(Go here to see the directions!)

The beautiful summery crisp colors of this collection just begs for a warm summer day, a picnic basket, friends and family gathered, a great bottle of red wine…



There are so many great quilts being shown in this awesome online quilt festival!  Go here to see them all!

Yogi's bed

Yogi and I hope you like the quilts and please come back soon!  We’d love for you to become followers, too! Happy Quilting!!



  1. Let me start by saying that Yogi is the cutest dog every! I agree with you, precuts rock! Makes life so much easier. I love the way your quilt came out. It's fun and eye catching.

  2. I love what you'd done with this quilt pattern. Both are very beautiful. Yogi is such a great guard dog!

  3. Hi Polly! I'm a Polly as well and I have been following your blog for sometime now. Love your quilts. I see you quilt on an HQ Sixteen. Do you recommend it? Thanks for taking the time to share on the Bloggers Quilt Festival. ~Polly~

  4. Very beautiful cheerful darling, Quilt work

  5. I love the Make Life words in the sashing!! Drink a glass for me!

  6. Yogi sure is the cutest quilty companion, a treasure to watch over you as you sew!!!
    Your quilts are lovely, I love how the simplest designs can look so effective! Thankyou for sharing!

  7. Love both of your quilts Polly. Pre-cuts are just coming in here in Aussie and I do love them.
    Yogi is just so cute , give him a hug from me.
    I see another lady asked about your HO Sixteen. I am off to the craft show and thought I would cheeck one out so would like to know what you think. thanks!

  8. These are great quilts, Polly. I love the simplicity of the design and how effective it is with the fabrics you chose. great work!

  9. What a great quilt! I love the fabric you chose for the background - what a terrific idea! I, too, love some of the "words" fabrics that are out now, but never would have thought to use them as a background - love it!! I always enjoy seeing photos of Yogi - he is a such a cutie!

  10. Polly, I love both versions of counting by fives.
    It one of the quilts on my 'to do' list since I first saw it...even have my honey I need the time!

  11. I love your quilts/pattern! I have it on my list!

  12. Love it! I agree that cutting is tedious. This is a great pattern to show off fabric you love.

    Absolutely adorable dog! He looks like he should be a movie star.

  13. Love your quilt; I'm all about a precut too. Making things simpler!

  14. Loved seeing both versions of your quilt. That Yogi is so photogenic:) Have a great evening!

  15. Cute quilt. Fun, light. Like the color combinations. Tell me how you like your sweet 16. I haven't found many quilters who have one. Do you have other blog posts about it? I just got one a month ago and am about to quilt my 2nd quilt on it. I love it !!!

  16. I've been sewing forever, too. Made doll clothes for a set of little dolls mom gave me! Love your quilt. Mary's fun fabrics work so well with sweetwater's. Thanks for sharing and have a great day


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