Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting There…

My trigger thumb surgery went well.  It was really debilitating to have your  dominant hand bandaged up so you can’t use it and also can’t get it wet for 8 days after surgery …sigh…  those were the l o n g e s t   8 days EVER!!


But I got the stitches out finally and am healing nicely and can use my hand again.  It’s still swollen and can’t do allot of firm grasping with it and no cutting with scissors… so still not sewing.


But I have been keeping busy, though!  Do you have lots of quilting magazine subscriptions like me?  What do you do with all the quilting magazines you collect?  I have about 8 magazine subscriptions which adds up to stacks of magazines laying around taking up valuable fabric storage space, right?


So, I go through all my magazines about every 6 months and rip out quilt and project patterns I want to make one day.


I slide them into clear plastic sleeves, then file them in three ring binder notebooks divided into categories like


easy, medium/hard, appliqué, scrap, paper pieced, modern, pre-cuts, decor, wearables, etc…


So, although I can’t cut and sew yet, Yogi and I have done a bit of cleaning out and reorganizing in the sewing room…


well, at least I have!! 


(Zzzzzzzz says Yogi!!)



  1. I have a few magazines that I picked up at Goodwill. I will probably pass them along again. =) I like your idea to cut/file.

    I'm also glad your surgery went well. I'll be looking forward to hearing that you're 100% healed! and back to quilting! Have a great week!

  2. Is Yogi really sleeping in that last photo? Too cute.

    Glad your are recoverying. Do pamper yourself to be able to get 100% recovery ASAP. Good time for filing of patterns. When you run out of things to organize you can come visit my sewing room anytime (and visit me too).


  3. Glad you are recovering and sounds like you are making good use of your time! I only have one quilt mag subscription and haven't seen enough in it to re-up again, but I do buy different quilt publications off the shelf. Mostly I follow great quilt blogs like yours!
    Take care,

  4. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, and that you've been using your time productively.

  5. Glad to hear you are "over the hump" and able to do some things that need to be doing, even if it isn't sewing....

  6. So thankful that you are doing so well. Sounds like you and Yogi have been 2 busy bee's. From the looks of that last picture, Yogi must have been doing "all the work". (o:

    You are still in my prayers.


  7. I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I think Yogi is a wee bit bored by the magazine cleaning activities!

  8. Glad to hear you're getting better. What a great project...wonderful organizing...glad you had help!

  9. I'm glad your surgery and healing are so successful. That's great news. :)
    Love your notebook labels and think I will copy your idea. My notebooks are all mumble jumble and soon they won't be. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hope you are sewing again real soon.

  10. So glad to know all went well and that you are healing. And Yogi is the cutest!

  11. I love love love that dog! He just cracks me up - what a great sewing assistant you have! Get better soon so you can get back to the fun sewing!

  12. Pleased to hear your trigger thumb is healing.
    Yes like you I pull out favorite pattern and file them away.Wonder if we will every make them. LOL
    The other magazines I donate to our Craft Group.
    You would need a snoooze after all the help you gave your Mum Yogi. XXX

  13. I do the same thing with my magazines. I just gave away about a year's worth of quilting magazines to some quilting friends. And I filed the things I saved the same way you did.

  14. Happy to hear that you are making the most of your recovery time. Wouldn't it be nice if our dogs had thumbs? Do you think they would really help us out? I do the same with my magazines. I need to go through and catagorize them and maybe "weed" them out. I'm glad to hear that everything went well. Take care of yourself and don't push it.

  15. Good to hear that you are recuperating! Here's hoping your back into sewing mode quickly! Looks like you and your 'cutest assistant ever' are getting quite a bit accomplished.

  16. Glad your thumb is getting better. You've obviously used your recouperation to your advantage. I just love Yogi. I bet he is so much fun. I recently found out that a lady that lives about a block from me is part of a Westie rescue. If I decide to get Gibbs a "pal" I know right where to look first:))


  17. I've cut my quilt magazine subscriptions back to two and I've given away all my old copies of others except for a pattern or two I tore out before I let them go. I have a half dozen 3 ring binders like you....several categories. I can tell you that's the best thing I ever did! Now it's so easy to find anything I'm looking for. blessings, marlene


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