Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show

Right before I got sick, my bee friends and I hit the road for a day trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton Roads, Virginia.


The show was wonderful but the vendors were great! 


I do so love seeing new products and gadgets at these shows because often you can see them demonstrated by the company themselves.


The variety of fabric and designs is so very inspiring to me. 


It just makes me want to get in the sewing room and sew, sew, sew!!


I was a good girl and did not really buy too much… a few patterns,


marking pens, a few yards of fabric and a small quilt rack!


If you were going to a show, what would you be looking for??



  1. Oh what fun! I go to Road To California and it is good too. CROWDED, but good. Glad you are up and at em' again!

  2. Hi Polly Hope you are feeling better. I love quilt shows and just like to see what is new on the market and maybe buy some new thread and a few fat quarters. I am trying hard not to buy too much this year because I know that I have more than enough and need to use what I have. Blessings Sandra

  3. There is a local show coming up here in April. Not too many vendors, but less tempting that way. A few fat quarters are always good. Maybe a special pattern. I have so much that lately I don't have a problem passing things up. Must put a dent in what I have. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  4. You are the third or fourth person (in blogville) that went to the show and have gotten sick after they got home ... just wondering what I missed at the show ... certainly not picking up any germs. I had the bronchitis all on my own. Maybe next year I will get there - thanks for sharing your pictures. Judy C

  5. I certainly hope you are starting to feel better. It looks like you had fun on your road trip. Lately I have been picking up fat quarters of beautiful Asian prints. If I had access to a great show with lots of vendors thats would I would be looking for! I have no idea what I am going to do with them but they are just so pretty!


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