Friday, March 2, 2012

Sick and Tired…

Yes, that’s me right now!   I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I’ve caught a bug from my dear husband, so you can imagine what the past 10 days have been like here in our home… 

We’ve both been to doctors and been diagnosed with bronchitis and put on antibiotics…which has really not seemed to help us out at all.  Constant fever, wracking croupy cough…hurting chest….upset stomach and diarrhea… super  yucky stuff.

Finally, last night I slept for 6 hours straight, thank you Nyquil!  So, maybe I am on the mend.  That would be good, as I missed three days of work this week…and lots of good sewing time in the evenings.


I was super disappointed that I was so ill on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,that I was unable to finish up my entry into the Moda Sliced Contest.


I was making a Bee Bag from some Stitch in Color charm packs.


It was looking so bright and fun and cute!


I’ve not been back in the sewing room since Sunday….sigh…


Yogi is feeling blue, too.  He must be so sick of all the loud coughing…

snow snap

and yet, he stays always close by my chair… 


my sweet Little Man!!

Hope you all are well and busy sewing on something super fun!!  Want to share with me so I can enjoy your sewing vicariously?



  1. I am finishing my February Schnibbles, just a little late, started Clover and Violet's Garden Steps with a friend today and worked on a Thimbleberries project earlier this week, so I hope you get better real soon and share the load...chuckle! Follow doctor's orders!

  2. I hope you are both feeling better soon!

  3. Oh, Polly... feel better soon! Hubby and I had it in Jan/Feb. DD has it now. She "didn't accept it" for as long as she could. Winston is her constant companion, except when he has to be "a lert"

    I baked brownies today... won't need any more for a while. Should've put those little buggers in the freezer!

    And I'm stitching/embroidering on some tea towels that were gifted to me.

    Take good care. Rest, lots of fluids... you know.

  4. Lemon juice with water and honey, and your cough will vaporize.

  5. Oh! dear! I know just what you are going through, I have spent the last 5 weeks getting over a nasty chest infection, and nope! the antibiotics did nothing, and yep! days off work as well! - isn't it just the biggest pain LOL!! - I've drunk gallons of hot tea laced with crushed garlic, ginger, honey and lemon - lots of time, but too darn tired to sew - wouldn't you just know it!!! All the antibiotics really did was get rid of my mojo LOL!, groan, groan LOL!!! I can see it circling ahead so it should be within my reach again very soon!!!! I do hope you get through this without too much more yucky stuff, sounds like you have been through enough already - hope you get better real soon!!!!!

  6. I have a BAD cough too! But my little puppy loves it when I am sick and in bed or on the couch! He gets all the snuggleing a little boy could handle! Oh, I just wish this naggy cough would go away!! You get better and I will follow!! :)

  7. All I can share it that you're not alone on the sick front. It's been going thru our house the last three weeks and it's a really crummy dose! Didn't get my Feb commitments done either but have high hopes for March lol! Feel Better Soon and ((hugs)))

  8. That is my house also and I love that graphic ... I have heard so many under the weather with the bronchitis, head cold and have had it myself since the 21st of February. Not conducive to bending one's head over a sewing machine or handwork!!! Now husband has come down with the cold. The dog should probably wipe down with disinfectant here... Hope you feel much better really soon. You are not alone... Judy C

  9. Oh gosh, nasty stuff. I have cared for my very sick grandson this past week, and now I feel sick. I have mostly cold symptoms. Hope it doesn't get to bronchitis, as I seem to get it chronically. No fun! Feel better soon!!!

  10. hope you get better real soon. my hubby has copd and i guard him trying to keep him away from any one sick. we miss you

  11. It sounds like nasty stuff. Take care and feel better soon.

  12. Sounds mighty like the flu to me! Get well soon.

  13. Polly you sound like how I felt last winter my daughter grandson and I had it and we were diagnoised with the Swine Flu. So take care of you and hubby and don't try to get busy too fast because it can come back. Hope you are both well soon. Blessings Sandra

  14. Hope you are beginning to feel better and soon feel 100%


  15. Aren't our pets just the greatest? They really know when we need them to be close! Feel better!


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