Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeping Busy

I’ve been working on my Schnibble for Otober- Hubble.


I used Moda/Kate Spain’s  “Terrain” collection.


I really love how it’s turning out!!


I hope to get it all pin basted tonight, and quilted tomorrow!

Here are my bee friends and I at my son’s wedding 2 weeks ago!

bee girls at wedding

This Saturday, our bee for October will be at my house!!  Smile


And Yogi is so excited!


I’ve made my dear friends some cute Halloweenie things for little bee gifts, from this awesome book!!


I LOVE this little project…too fun!!


I’m still deciding what to make for bee lunch!!

Baked Potato Soup - Slow Cooker Style  **tested, family approved. There were NO left overs, that oughta' tell you something!!  Over heard at the table..."It's a bowl of heaven", "It's BETTER than *insert restaurant name*!!". ***

A soup and salad??  Any suggestions??



  1. Hi, your Hubble is looking great! I love Terrain, I made a king-size quilt from it. It looks so dynamite with white! I think soup and salad is always a great lunch. Soup is probably one of my favorite meals. Have you ever heard or/tried lasagna soup? If you google, there is a good recipe by Paula Dean. You make the soup and then dish it into crocks, cover with shredded cheese and then broil (sort of like french onion soup.) It is really good and hearty.

  2. Love your Hubble! There are some great seasonal soup and salad recipes on Pinterest...soup and salad is perfect!

  3. Your Hubble is gorgeous! Love the fabrics and your pieces are perfection! Well done! Great wedding pic...you are fortunate to have such great 'bee'" friends. Enjoy your party!

  4. That star is amazing!! I sure hpe Yogi is able to calm down a little before your guests arrive.

  5. That zombie vaccine is so cute - and I love your flying witches!

  6. I love your Hubble! (I should have worked on mine...)


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