Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happily Ever After

My younger son, Anthony was married this past weekend in Pittsburgh, to his beautiful soul mate, Leah!


What an AMAZING wedding!!


(Notice the quilt on the altar!!)

quilt on altar

And a wonderful weekend!!

hot stuff

Trying to catch up on some sleep and get back into the swing of things here at home!!  Have had several batches of family visitors this week after getting back home… and will be going to guild tonight to hear speaker Bonnie Hunter, and will be taking a class with her tomorrow!! So I gotta get my supplies and fabric collected and some pre-cutting done today!!

front door Yogi

Yogi is very happy to be back home from boarding at the pet hotel!!

Hope you are enjoying this cool fall weather!!!  I sure am!!



  1. Congratulations to the happy couple - what a good looking pair! Looking forward to hearing about your class with Bonnie - I'm envious!

  2. Beautiful! And HEY I thinknthey really liked the quilt!
    Have a GREAT time with Bonnie! She was at our guild over the summer. Sadly I was nkot able to make the classes.

  3. The happy couple look lovely.. Wishing them many happy years together.
    Love the quilt.
    I bet Yogi was pleased to be home again.

    How wonderful to have Bonnie Hunter at your Guild and then do a workshop with her.. Lucky ladies, enjoy.

  4. What a lovely couple and beautiful wedding ! Congratulations !

  5. Wonderful wedding pictures - and congratulations on such a beautiful daughter-in-law. Lucky you with the "Bonnie Class" - I have taken two classes with her and loved them both. Judy C in NC

  6. Congratulations.Beautiful pictures!!

  7. Lovely wedding, beautiful bride:)

  8. What a beautiful the dress!

  9. Ok! Where's your dress? I NEED to see it! ;-))

  10. Congrats. What a beautiful couple. I just knew for sure when you posted wedding photos, you would show us YOUR new dress you made.

  11. It was a fabulous wedding! One of the most fun and beautiful weddings I have ever been lucky to attend. So wonderful to see two people so in love!

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