Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy, Busy Week Here!!

Soooo busy here!  My younger son, Anthony, and the love of his life, Leah, get married next weekend!  Smile

This past week, I made three different dresses before finding one I liked enough to wear to their wedding. 

dress pattern

This is the vintage Vogue pattern I used.  The dress is all black linen except for one sleeve and half of the bodice…which is red linen.


My son, Anthony, is an architect and has an artist mind…therefore, the wedding is a black and white wedding… with a tiny touch of red!


The girls are wearing black satin dresses and the guys are wearing  black suits, white shirts black ties and red plaid socks!


And Anthony is very much a modern minimalist kind of guy.  So figuring out what quilt to make them for their wedding was reallllly difficult for me!!


I was VERRRRY worried that they would not like whatever I made.


But, they did like it!!  Smile


YAY!  I am soooo relieved!!

Leah posted this photo she took later that night on Facebook!

wedding quilt

And they texted me this photo when they got back to their apartment!  Smile

love quilt cuddle

Soooo, what are you up to???



  1. Oh Polly, that quilt is so perfect for were right on the mark! It's pretty obvious that the quilt will be a very important part of their lives for years to come. And that dress will be totally cool at the wedding! Thanks for sharing all the excitement!

  2. One of my daughters also had a black & white wedding. That was 20 years ago, she was very modern. Your dress sounds fabulous, can't wait to see a photo. The quilt is simply wonderful.

  3. Wow! You did a great job with the quilt! I'm sure they'll treasure it forever.

  4. Awesom quilt Polly. I know the wedding will be beautiful and a grand occasion. Enjoy the weekend.


  5. Hi Polly,
    Love the fact that you made three dresses before you found the right one. Did you decide this after they were completely done or did you decide this half way through? Just think of all the pretty new clothes you have. Enjoy your weekend and please post pictures

  6. I just went back and looked at the pictures again. Love the picture of Yogi helping open up the quilt. By the way the quilt is beautiful too.

  7. Polly the quilt is beatuiful! Of course they loved it! Did you use a pattern? I love it!

  8. We LOVE the quilt!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It couldn't be more perfectt for us :)

    So excited to become your daughter this week! :) :)

  9. Love the quilt and congrats on the new daughter!

  10. Thinking about you and your family at this exciting time. I hope the wedding and festivities go smoothly and beautiful memories are created. I look forward to seeing photos and hearing more.

    Glad they LOVE the quilt you made them too. Beautiful.



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