Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Twofer and a Nametag

We normally have our local guild meetings every second Thursday evening of each month during the school year from September through June, as we meet in a nearby elementary school cafeteria.


However, sometimes we have to move the date due to something going on at the school … like this month!  Our first meeting is this Thursday…and it just dawned on me that I had not done anything with our summer challenge fat quarter!  Sad smile


At the same time, I received an invite to a dear friend’s daughter’s house warming…sooooo, this little project turned out to be a “Twofer”.  I love Twofers, don’t you??


I used some batik charm squares along with the purple batik fat quarter given for the summer challenge, to make a table runner that I can show at the guild meeting in two days…


and then it will be a gift, along with a matching candleholder and autumn candle, for the housewarming gift!!  YAY!!  A Twofer!!  Smile


Then, after making the table runner yesterday and going out this morning to find the candle holder and candle, I got home to remember that I wanted to make a new guild name tag.  The one I had was made in 2000 and is beyond grody!!!  Yucko!!  Time for a new one!!!  So, I spent this afternoon making a new one!!

I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it was so cute!

(http://megsmonkeybeans.blogspot.com/2012/02/petite-piecing.html)  So that gave me the idea to make my nametag with a sewing machine on it!


I snagged this logo off the Bernina newsletter to use as my inspiration!!


I used graph paper to  plan out my little sewing machine block.


Then went through my stash scraps to find the perfect fabrics in fun colors.

Yogi sleeping

I knew I wanted to attach it to this cute sewing themed pin, which would make it easy to put on!


It was really fun to create…and not a hard as I thought it would be with such tiny pieces.


I am pleased with how it turned out and will be ready on Thursday now for our guild meeting!!


Sooooo, whatcha working on???



  1. Oh yes I too love toofers. And a darn good looking one at that. I was finishing up on quilting a quilt for a friend and I just finished making her matching pillow shams. Then I made a new curtain for my family room. I'm so done for the day; maybe the week.

  2. That name tag is absolutely darling!!!! The table runner is also wonderful. I love the colors.

  3. Ok...is there anything you can't do? Love the charms table runner and your name tag is precious! Yay you!

  4. Your new name tag looks great Polly!

  5. Love your name tag Polly. It is very YOU:) I finished up a Halloween wall hanging today and it's not Halloween yet!!


  6. Those batiks are gorgeous, especially the purple - great Twofer :) LOVE your name tag, it's perfect.

  7. Lovely table runner Polly! I love the name tag ...it's given me an idea to make something similar but with a 'knitting ' theme to wear to the Knit and Natters that I go to :-)

  8. Fabulous table runner! I'm sure the recipient will love it. Cute name tag - I can see how excited Yogi is about it - LOL! He is so photogenic. He could have a career as a model! o:)

  9. I really liked that name tag too, and pinned it. Great job on making yours.

  10. Your Twofer is really great.. what a lovely gift made from your summer challenge...

    Your name tag is just fabulous...
    AH!!! it would look lovely with MARIA on the bottom Polly...LOL

  11. Your runner is lovely!!! I love your name tag...I think I'm going to have to do something more creative for mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Your table runner is beautiful with those batiks!!! And I love your nametag!!! I think the ony nametag I'll ever have are the sticker kind that say "Hello - My Name Is . . . Julie". LOL! By the way, I'm lovin' the look of your blog!

  13. Beautiful runner! But you are crazy- I love the name tag... but that looks like so much work! You get a gold star from me!

  14. Just love your Batik tablerunner & that name tag is just adorable. I need to make one :-D

  15. How adorable is that little name tag? Now I want one!

  16. I am making a sewing machine name tag for my self as my Guild Name Tag also.
    I love yours it came out so pretty. I love the pin yo have to hold it on..


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