Sunday, September 2, 2012

My new “In My Classroom” Quilt

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Two weeks ago, I went through 25 boxes of teacher stuff that has been stored in my basement since 2005 when I left the classroom to become an assistive tech resource teacher for the county. 

Blackboard Fabric

I found an old classroom teacher themed fabric panel that I had hemmed all around and slipped onto a dowel and hung in my classroom for 9 years. 

Blackboard Fabric

I had forgotten all about it, until I found it folded up in the bottom of a box!

So, I ripped out the hemming all around the edges, trimmed it down and found that I had some other teacher fabric in my stash…equally old, that went well with it!


So, I fussy cut some blocks and used a red plaid sashing around the blocks and it really made up into a cute quilt to commemorate my classroom!!


Yogi didn’t seem too excited about it all… he gets great sleep, doesn’t he??


I quilted it on The Queen Mother, as Yogi snoozed on my machine cover on the floor nearby!!


with just a simple all-over meander with black thread.


And it will always be a special reminder of my classroom for me!! 


I realllly love it!!


Hope you’re having a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!


Summer’s last hurrah!!


I am SOOOOO ready for AUTUMN!!

How about you? 



  1. This quilt will bring back a flood of memories for you of your school years. How nice that you were able to incorporate your wallhanging. Seems Yogi gets as much sleep as my Rusty.

  2. My husband has that same panel hanging in his classroom *smile* It madea a lovely quilt

  3. What a wonderful quilt and such special thoughts.

    I had breakfast with a friend that teaches kindergarten and very close to making the decision to retire. I do so think teachers carry their love of teaching in their hearts, their entire life!


  4. That looks like a super quilt! Was wondering how well you liked your Sweet Sixteen?

  5. I love seeing your Yogi helping with quilting. I have 3 westies that like to hang out near or in my quilting room; sometimes almost sleeping on my foot pedal. In my hurry to get to the Big Board to iron I have even stumbled over them. Judy (PS I do not want to be anonymous just dont know how to post under the other selections.)


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