Monday, October 29, 2012

October Doings

On Saturday, we had our monthly bee at my house.  I had my little bee gifts ready!


And the snack table ready!


And the lunch table ready!


Unfortunately, I was making fresh potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, so I spent lots of time in the kitchen and then forgot to take pix of us all spread out cutting out stuff and sewing down bindings!

(This pix below was from bee at my house last October!!)


After bee was over at 4:00pm, my husband and I spend several hours removing all the furniture and plants from our deck due the imminent arrival of

hurricane Sandy!!  Then we spent a good deal of the next day doing the same with furniture, flags and plants from the front terrace,  trimmed some tree branches that were touching our gutters and removed the satellite dish from the roof so no more TV!!  Sad smile So, this is where I’ll be spending some time this morning


answering emails, reading, watching the weather reports online and blogging.


And Yogi is comfy in his bed with one of my Halloween quilts!!


Right now outside it is steadily raining and a bit breezy but that’s about it.  When Sandy makes the left turn toward DC, we expect the weather conditions outside to worsen considerably!!


All schools here are closed, most businesses, all government offices and agencies and the Metro (subway) system… so no one is going anywhere much!!  Our biggest worry is the electricity going out… so, say a little prayer for us, OK? I’ll be sewing some later if power stays on!! Smile



  1. Your Bees look lovely and cozy and fun - I meet with a small group each month and we have the best times.

  2. Stay safe and dry! I stocked up on candles on Saturday, and I've got my crocheting handy in case the power goes out. I went to work this morning, and got home around noon. I don't think I've ever had a Hurricane Day before.

  3. What a wonderful bee party you had! Prayers and positive thoughts going your way...I am glued to the tv...stay safe...

    1. Hi Polly,
      I have been thinking about you all day. Just want you to know that I am praying that you won't have damage and power outages. Your Bee party looks great. I am hoping to find a group of ladies that do that next year.
      Give Yogi a hug, and the foster is really sweet.
      Ladybug cottage


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