Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting to Know Orange

What do you do with leftover charm squares?


I have a huge stack of them.


And lots of them were from different Kate Spain collections…which all coordinate well together.


So, I matched them up in pairs of one hot color (orange, pink, red, yellow)…


and one cool color (blue, green, purple).


I stitched them together a quarter inch on each side of the center diagonal line and cut them into two half-square triangle blocks.

get-attachment (1)

Then I played with them by laying them out on my bed.  And that was the fun part.


I do like what I came up with…


it’s an off-center design!


I named it “Getting to Know Orange”.


Because I am!


Guess who got groomed today??


What are you up to???



  1. Oh, I like the way it turned out. I might have to give that a try.

  2. What perfect color combinations!! It looks does Yogi!

  3. How beautiful that quilt is and I love the colors my favourites. Yogi looks so pretty. Just how big is your sewing room going to be anyway. Did you have any say in the plans for this home.

  4. I really like the colors you used and how you matched them to each other. I like making HST and this way of turning and lining up similar shades is so much fun. I may have to give this a try. I want to make a baby quilt for my new GD to keep at my house and this might be a fun way to make it.


  5. Polly, I love it. Such a great idea!

  6. That is a wonderful idea. Great job! I have lots of leftover charm squares, too, but none that coordinate.

  7. Wow, it's beautiful, the colors are amazing without being overpowering. Please tell Yogi he looks very handsome :)

  8. Both are looking great!.......the scrappy half square triangle runner and Yogi too. That is what I call a good day all round.

  9. Oh my word, Polly, I am IN LOVE with it!!! And I am not usually attracted to brights in my home but this one captured me immediately!!!!!

    You are such a wonderful designer, creator, seamstress and quilter. You simply inspire me, excite me and make me smile!!!

    I might be in for a good grooming like Yogi - he's a handsome little man. LOL

    BTW, for two days, I couldn't post on any blogs and today it's all working again. Wonder if anyone else had problems for a couple days. I knew it'd eventually work itself out so I patiently waited. And here I am!!!!


  10. Pretty, oh, I meant the dog! And the quilt is as well.

  11. I completely love your little quilt. What a nice combination of colors! I'm off to check out my charm square extras. I have some lovely African ones that might look great using your design. I love simple and beautiful. Great job on yours and thanks for the idea!

  12. Your quilt turned out beautifully!!! I've never been an orange fan either but I have ventured out and used it on occasions, and when it's among friends it actually is quite pleasing to the eye!!!!!

  13. Wow, that's one beautiful, colorful quilt! I love it!! That's also one handsome pup you have too!

  14. This is very pretty and the bed cover underneath... wonderful.


  15. Love it!! I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. I finally finished my bachelor's degree. So glad that the thesis writing is all over.....for now anyway. I start my masters in the fall. This summer I'm getting the farm in order and doing some quilting to decorate our walls!

  16. I really love this! Love Kate Spain to begin with and really like your layout. So bright and fun to look at!

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