Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fenced In

I am trying to totally change our décor in the new house.  I’m going more modern and lighter.  Looking for a newer, more simple look!


So when I saw these bright graphic fabrics a while back, I bought a half-yard of the orange, green and blue prints.


See?  I really AM trying to like and use orange!!  LOL!!

field study

Then I saw this AWESOME floral print from the Field Study collection… which in my mind really looked great with the graphic prints, so I bought a yard of it for the backing!


Soooo…  I wanted a simple design that would let the fabric do the work!  A rail fence block was perfect!!


I aligned the three fabrics carefully on my mat and cut 2  1/2” strips  from selvage to selvage, getting seven strips from each fabric.


I randomly sewed the strips together in sets of three, then sub-cut the strip sets into 6 1/2” blocks.  I got 6 blocks from each strip set, with a bit leftover… hmmmm…


I laid the blocks out in 10 rows of three… using 30 of the 42 blocks for the table runner.  I will make 2 placemats from the remaining 12 blocks…and maybe some coasters from the leftovers??  I will be looking for a cool print for the placemat backs, as I used up all my Field Study for the runner backing.


As the blocks fabrics and seams on the runner were all so straight, I quilted the runner in swirls, to soften the look and give it some texture!!


Soooo, waddaudink? 


Whatcha working on this week?




  1. That is really cool! I love it when the fabric can do lots of the work. Great vision, too.

  2. The new look fabrics are great... Love the table runner..
    Yogi does look very relaxed. Is that his favourite toy next to him??

    I have been sewing Quilts for babes in PNG.this weekend.

  3. I love it and I love the new look!!! Those are great fabrics together.

  4. That is very nice looking! Turned out great. And, your swirls were just right for this graphic pattern to give pleasant overall textured look.

  5. You've done a great job with some quite challenging prints, good for you to try something like that, it worked out well, and I love your swirls quilting too, it does soften the graphic lines!!!!

  6. It's wonderful! Now you've got me digging through my stash for graphics. LOL.


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