Monday, June 3, 2013

Work in Progress

The house is coming along!!


They’ve put on the front porch roof.  And they’ve begun some of the brick work!


The inside is getting wired and vented!


Soon they will start putting up the dry wall!!


And while they are busy working on the house, I a busy working on a kit I bought at least 8 years ago!!


It contains instructions and material for 2 separate wall quilts.


The first one is a screened window with a ivy hanging down and


a window box of flowers below.


I never back quilts with muslin, but that is what came as backing in the kit, so I did this time.


And looking at the quilting from the back side is fun, as you can easily see the wood grain and leaves!


It’s a Nancy Zeiman kit, and her method is interesting.  She does not use fusible for the little flowers and leaves.  She uses a glue stick!


So, what are you working on this week?  Hope it’s fun!



  1. It looks like Yogi is dreamin' of "his" new house and all the new places that he will have to investigate. Beautiful.


  2. Your house is really coming along and I love following the progress. Your pup is so tired and adorable!! As for me I am working on a kit I bought who knows how many years ago and it's looking great, nothing fancy like yours though. Do you like the glue stick method???

  3. You must be counting the days...the house is coming along so quickly! Have fun with that is going to be beautiful...a house warming gift for you from you?

  4. Your kit project looks very interesting Polly, new techniques to me, but I'm sure you'll do a great job! House is looking good......

  5. I'm always amazed to see photos of your new home and see how fast it is coming together. Going to be a beautiful home.


  6. Your home is going to be beautiful Polly!

  7. I really love watching the progress of your new home..
    Your wall hanging is coming together beautifully..
    Hmm I really need to finish doing some quilting on my Orange and Aqua Quilt...

  8. Coming along nicely! You know I back most of my table runners in muslin. I just cant see using expensive fabric when it is mot going to be seen. I would never DREAM of using it for a quilt. But I see it for wall hangings and table runners.

  9. The house is really making headway. How fun it is to watch it grow!!!

    The quilting looks beautiful.

  10. I'm laying around on the sofa like Yogi, tho he looks alot more comfortable that me!

    Love seeing the progress on your house too!

  11. Now that the house has it's outer skin on, you can really see what a beautiful home it ultimately be on the exterior. Once the wiring & plumbing are complete things should go even faster. I can't wait for the house to reach my favorite part of having a new home - the decorating!!! You will have so much fun turning a house into your home. Thanks for sharing the update.
    The wall hangings look like great smaller projects. Perfectly sized for working on in the apartment. I have found a number of very nice quality muslins in the shops recently. It makes me feel really old when I remember the rough muslin that sold for about $2.50/yd. (wasn't that just a couple of yrs. ago? Nope, more like a couple of decades. They should be good quality muslins when they are priced almost as high as the quilting cottons.
    I saw Nancy Zieman using that glue stick technique on her show a couple of weeks ago. I never would have thought to do it that way, but maybe I should watch the episode again and give it a try. Right now I am binding a couple of Quilts of Valor that will be donated to the local VFW Post and auctioned off to raised money for some updates to their meeting hall.
    Hope you & Yogi have a wonderful weekend.


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