Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Busy Times!

I looked at my list of things made in July and saw …NOTHING…  so unlike me!


But we are busy with preparations for packing up this tiny apartment…


and getting into our new house! They just finished the landscaping!!  Sod is next!!


We close in less than 2 weeks now!

But I must finish this month’s Schnibble!!


The rail fence blocks are done…


ad the star points are done…


So just gotta get it all together! This Saturday is our monthly bee, so I must finish piecing it and   get it quilted and the binding attached, so I can do the hand work at bee!!


Yogi wants to know what you are up to this week and hopes you are staying cool in this awful heat!!



  1. Nothing on your list of things made in July? I think you made a house!!!! That is much more ambitious than a quilt.

  2. The house is looking wonderful, Polly!

  3. There may not be much you can "see", Polly, but you have your hands full with another move.

  4. OH how exciting!!!! the house looks great and I am sure you have been busy with other things.
    I am sure you will get your Schnibble done to hand stich at your bee.
    I just completed a few swaps and got them in the post.

  5. Oh Wow! The house is beautiful and I love the landscaping!!! You might not have anything finished in July yet, but you sure have been busy!

  6. I love your gorgeous home.....Your landscapeing is great. Just wait till they lay your sod. It is gonna be so pretty...And when you move in you get to set up a new sewing room..Yeaa what fun tha twill be.

  7. Oh my, it's finally a house and in two weeks it will be a home, I'm so happy for you. I'm sure Yogi will be thrilled to finally be settled.

  8. Everyone understands that you were waaaay too busy to work on much sewing! The house is coming along wonderfully! Such an exciting time--it brings back a lot of memories. The thing is, we've been in our 'new home' for 12 years and I am ready to do some remodeling. The fun never ends! :)

  9. You go girl! Packing, moving and quilting! Have you got some extra energy to spare?

  10. It's looking so pretty Polly! I'm so excited you get to move and spread out a little after being in the small apartment- and you'll get to live with all of your fun quilty stuff again :0)!! Been working on remodeling and taking care of my guys here :0)! Oh, and I did sew a maxi skirt, too!


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