Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sooooo Excited!!

We have our final walk-through on our new home on July 24th- only 17 days away!!


We close a week later, and then we move in three days after that!!  Woo hoo!


The house is locked, now as so much is finished inside and the appliances are in!!


So we have to call the builder to arrange to get inside to see it!


The front porch steps and walk and driveway is finished, although the black railings still need to be installed on the porch.


The lot is cleaned and top layer of soil, red clay, is spread out and evened out.


The hard wood floors are in, and they are covered with a white foamy film to protect them.


All the tiling in the bathrooms is finished.


The vinyl in the upstairs laundry room is in.


All the cabinets in the kitchen, baths and laundry room are in.


The granite counters are on in the kitchen.


The first coat of wall and trim paint is done, but there is some patching and finishing of trim work still to be done.


All the light fixtures still need to be done, the carpeting still needs to be installed,


and the landscaping and sod laying still needs to be done outside.


We are making all the arrangements for the new furniture to be delivered, the utilities to be put in our names, the rental truck reserved in readiness for the move in!!


We keep telling Yogi that he’ll be moving to a new house… he wags his tail as if to say “YESSSSSSS!!”


What are you up to these days?



  1. So, do you think you could drum up a little enthusiasm? Seriously, it all looks and sounds fantastic. Won't it be nice to put down roots again?

  2. Your new home is so beautiful!! I love your kitchen!! Yogi looks so excited!!

  3. Oh my, your house is beautiful! You must be so anxious to get settled. Can't wait to see more pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love the picture of Yogi. Very cute!

  4. Congratulations! Can't wait to see it all and to see your sewing room.

  5. Your house is gorgeous now, can't wait to see you make it yours! How exciting.

  6. How exciting Polly! Love all the photo's! Congratulations!

  7. Very exciting times. Nothing like a brand new home.

  8. The new house is so looking great.

  9. I share your excitement, Polly. Your new home looks like it should be featured in Better Homes & Gardens. Can't wait to see your sewing room!

  10. Beutiful!

    Follow your blog, follow me?

  11. Congrats! Always good to see things come together and get to the end. Know you are too excited to function is so beautiful.

  12. So exciting and everything looks so great! Congratulations, it will be so nice to finally be settled.

  13. Polly your new home is beautiful. It will be exciting when the furniture arrives and you have to place it. Yogi will have fun exploring.

  14. Polly it is so exciting to be moving into a new home! It looks beautiful and I know you will love it. I can hardly wait to see how you decorate it with all of your quilts

  15. Oh how fun!!!!! I'll bet you can hardly wait. It looks gorgeous too.

  16. It looks lovely Polly, even at this not quite finished stage. I can't wait to see it all dressed up with your things.

  17. It's all looking fabulous Polly and you will be able to cook a banquet in that lovely big kitchen..
    I am sure Yogi will be so happy to be able to run around his new home soon.

  18. What a wonderful home! I predict a lot of happy days there.

  19. House is looks almost the same as mine! Same cabinets, countertops, flooring. We have been here for 20 years and love it. You will too.

  20. What a gorgeous home. I especially love your kitchen. We moved to this older home 2 years ago. And we so hate our kitchen among other things that hopefully one day we will be able to redo. Enjoy your beautiful new home.

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  22. Oooo, I love, love, love it! Love the kitchen, the woodwork, the bathroom. That porch is lovely! I am so excited for you!!

  23. I'm so happy for you, the house is lovely! It looks like everything is in except for you, lol. Hope the days fly by ~

  24. I know it must feel forever to you, but just seeing it all in pictures, it feels like it was foundation not that long ago lol... tell Yogi we're looking forward to new pictures in the new house :)

  25. Wow, Polly what a lovely new house! Everything looks so clean and warm and inviting. All that is needed is some furniture, a few of your beautiful quilt masterpieces and some folks to cozy up in them........

  26. How exciting . . . and a very lovely house. Wish you well on the move.

  27. How exciting. It has been fun watching your home being built. It is beautiful. I bet Yogi will be so happy to have some room to run and play.

  28. Oh Polly, I'm just drooling over here! Talk about a DREAM KITCHEN, and a lovely big tub to relax in after a long day of sewing :0)!! It's all just so pretty! I'm so stinking happy for you guys :0)!!

  29. What a lovely home you are creating- it will be stunning with all your quilts . I hope you and your husband will be very happy in your gorgeous new digs..
    Warmest regards,

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  31. Your new home is beautiful! And, it has a front porch! The Best!

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