Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mondo, Mondo…

Do you need a big tote bag?




Well the Mondo bag is the one for you!!


It’s easy and really fun to make as you use a purchased gridded sheet of fusible.


You lay out your selected 2 1/2” squares  on the grid and fuse them down with your iron.


Then you fold each row on the line and stitch a quarter inch seam. 


Then you clip that seam at each line,


then fold the seams going the other way and stitch them all with a quarter inch seam!!

Such a fun easy way to do grid piecing!!


There is also a pattern for a tiny bag called a Mini and a medium sized bag called a Midi!!

Quiltsmart Midi Bag Fun Bag

I used a batik jelly roll for the bag and have lots of it left to try out on the Midi bag!!  YAY!!


Can you guess what Yoginess was doing while I sewed???  LOL!!

What are you working on this week?



  1. hi polly,
    i love this bag! i can make any kind of quilt but cannot make a bag to save my soul!! i would love one of these in a midi size with pockets on the inside. how much would you charge to make me one? it is good to yogi again. he looks like he is handling the nasty weather pretty good! have you finally got settled in your new home? stay warm and keep making beautiful things. you are so talented in so many different sewing, crafting, and quilting ways! i want to be you when i grow up. lol barbara

  2. What a great Mondo bag!! I have made one so far out of batiks and it was fun. It was the big one, I like the idea of the smaller ones too!

  3. I am with Yogi. It is cold outside and I don't need a huge tote bag.......I'm off for a nap. LOL!

  4. I've been wanting to make one of these bags for awhile now! I know what Yogi was doing - what he does best - supervising to make sure you are doing it right!! LOL

  5. Cute bag, it almost looks like a heart

  6. Such a lovely bag, thank you for hint about fusible grid. think I shall add it to my to do list.

  7. What a great bag for carrying a quilt in - maybe to show and tell or to be quilted. I am elbow deep in valentine mug rugs for the girls - seven done and three more to go. They are all paper pieced and looking good. NC got it's first "real" snow last night - all four inches and so far everyone has gone completely nuts around here. The entire city is shut down. We came here from Colorado so no big deal as long as it does not stay around. Stay Warm from Judy C in NC

  8. That's a wonderful bag, perfect size too. I've seen that fusible grid before and keep promising myself I'll get some.

  9. The bags and the method to make them is great. Love how comfy Yogi looks. Don't you just wish you could sleep as good as a dog! We're literally knee deep in snow here, so alot of my time is spent shoveling. I just heard they are predicting another 18-24 inches between now and Saturday evening! The joke around here is that Old Man Winter and Mother Nature are having a disagreement. I say they need to kiss and make up so we can move on to spring!


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