Friday, January 31, 2014

January Schnibble Done!!

I really love this month’s Schnibble!!
I named it "Soft Spoken". The fabric
collection is "Whimsy"by Fig Tree Co.
I did  not have enough darks to make mine the same way Carrie made hers on the pattern cover. 
But I really love how it turned out!!
And using the polka dotted background really makes the blocks blend in more…
really blurs the blocks, which I really like!!
I love and monetarily appreciate that many designers tend to use the same colors in their different collections so that they all blend well, so that you can use scraps up in other quilts!!
My backing was from another collection from Fig Tree Co…  yummy!!
Soooo, what fun thing are you doing this weekend besides watching the Superbowl commercials?
P.S. How can you NOT just LOVE his cute pink tongue???


  1. I love the design of this quilt. I am in the process of making this one. It goes together so nicely. I had a nice day to work on it today and hope to get more accomplished tomorrow.

  2. I love your quilt and those polka dots. They really do add a lot. What would we do without dogs, that is so sweet!

  3. It's the perfect name for this quilt. It is lovely. There are so many variations out there--this is going to be an amazing parade!

  4. Polly, your fabric choices are great! I am a big fan of dots. I am so impressed you pieced, quilted, and bound it in a month. Plus a label too. Wow!

  5. Love your patchwork, but am totally in love with your puppy. What breed?

  6. That is one beautiful Schnibble! I love the fabric!

  7. Such a pretty quilt!! As for Yogi, well a small confession ... I read your blog first of all to see what Yogi is[nt] up to, and secondly for your lovely work:)

  8. oh, that is lovely! I love the look of blended quilts. And, of course, Fig Tree fabrics are so yummy!! Yogi is adorable...and yes, the pink tongue is too dang cute.

  9. I am quite infatuated with the Schnibbles patterns and love seeing all that are created. My problem - after having four garage sales and downsizing into a manageable size cottage home, what do you do with all the samll quilts you make? I do not even make large quilts any more. I really hesitate to add another to my quilt closet which is packed because I hang all my quilts. Our six kids are no longer as receptive to gifted quilts as they use to be. Just asking ... because I really want to jump in on the schnibbles and I am having this "justification battle." Judy C in NC

  10. It is so sweet, and perfectly named! Good to pop in and see you creatin' ~

  11. I have a lot of Whimsy saved for a quilt to make my neice. I really like your pattern and appreciate the colors of Whimsy more in your blocks. Very nice!

  12. Yogi is gorgeous! I love your project. I've just made a quilt for my friends wedding - at the reception we got guests to write a message on patches of fabric cut 5x3 inches and I've appliqués them onto the 6and a half inch outer border, I printed out a photo of the bride and groom onto quilt-friendly paper then transferred that onto cotton and used that photo as the central image amongst all the log cabin blocks. I used Grant Park by Minick and Simpson because the bride is American.

  13. P/S Snowy says a big hello to Yogi. It's so cute when they sleep and the little pink tongue sneaks out.

  14. Love your "low volume" quilt!! I'm making one right now for a friend and can't wait to see how it turns out!! Love the pink tongue :)

  15. Yogi is adorable always but even more so with that cute little tongue sticking out...
    Love all your beautiful projects... Such pretty work and fabrics..

  16. Love your Schnibble's quilt but especially love Yogi! What a face.

  17. You chose a good name for your Schnibble. I have not seen what Carrie's version looks like so I do not know what is different about yours. I just know that I like the look.

  18. Beautiful - love, love the way you combined the fabrics. blessings, marlene

  19. Wonderful Schnibble finish! I love the colors! No fun things happening here -- just shoveling snow and more snow. Guess what's in our weather forecast tonight and tomorrow. Nope, not spring... yep, more snow!

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