Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pots of Spring!

Well, I am pleased with my “Pots of Spring” quilt!

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 24 AM

It is finished and up on the wall above the fireplace mantle in the family room!

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 52 AM (1)

It is a bit smaller than the other mantle quilts, so I had to use a different rod to put it up.  :-(

Photo Mar 20, 10 33 01 AM

Many have asked how my mantle quilts are hung on the wall.  We’ve tried hard NOT to put so many holes in the walls here in the new house. 

Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger

So, I found this system for hanging quilts using super strong magnets that are mounted on the wall using the Command Strips.

Photo Mar 19, 3 37 24 PM

(I apologize for the fuzziness of some of the photos!!  Pure laziness on my part… using my iPhone for the photos instead of my Nikon!!)

Photo Mar 19, 3 37 48 PM

I think the rod is causing the quilt to not hang straight…it is a telescoping rod with a slight dip in the middle, I think!!  Grrr!  :-(

Photo Mar 20, 10 32 31 AM

Making these appliqué quilts are a bit scary…

Photo Mar 20, 10 33 11 AM

Not the appliqué part, but the quilting part.


My process is this- I sketch out the pots/flowers/critters on the paper side of the fusible IN REVERSE, then cut each piece out about 1/4” outside the sketch lines.


I  then iron them onto the wrong side of the chosen fabrics and then cut them all out  ON the sketch lines. 


I place them on the pieced background and move them around until I have the final look I want.  Then I press them  ONTO the background.


I layer the top, batting and backing and pin the sandwich securely all over.


Now I start stitching around the edges of each fused piece- each leaf, stem, petal, etc.


I also stitch in the leaf vein lines and other sketch lines as desired.  I do start in the middle of the quilt and work my way out to the edges, but work on the appliquéd pieces first, and finish with the background around and between them.


So the background is poufy and dimensional when I start on it…which is really scary to see…  :-(


It is amazing how the quilting pulls it all in and  flat…  WHEW!!!  What if it didn’t?  YIKES!!!


On this quilt the background and pieced blocks on the edges are all stippled with a fairly small design!    And when it’s laying on a table, it is perfectly flat!!  YAY!!

Photo Mar 20, 10 01 37 AM (1)

So, although the forecast is calling for more snow on Tuesday here in VA, it may still be winter OUTSIDE,

Photo Mar 20, 10 01 21 AM (1)

but INSIDE the Monica home, it is truly spring!!  :-)

Photo Mar 20, 10 03 17 AM (1)

I put all my snowmen away yesterday and put out my spring stuff…bunnies galore!!

Photo Mar 20, 10 03 36 AM (1)

Has spring come to your neck of the woods??



  1. Your quilt is beautiful Polly. I love the snail!

  2. Wow, the quilt sure is a breath of spring ... it is beautiful. I am surprised Yogi seems suitably ho-hum:) Or is he just pretending it is still winter?
    I love your idea of quilting as you applique; very courageous!!

  3. The "Spring " mantle quilt is adorable..... Is it your own design Polly? I just love it. Looks like my stain glass flower pots I have on my patio.... I see Yogi is helping you with it...

  4. I'd love to see directions for your quilt, Polly... it certainly is adorable....

  5. Love your quilt! Will you be making a pattern out of it?

  6. Well Polly it must be a global phenomenon as it is still hotter than the sun here, not a scrap of rain in sight and it's supposed to be autumn. Poor Snowy is due a haircut and really doesn't like the heat at all. I've been quilting for charity - we have a community quilters group here that makes quilts for various charities, hospitals and when my left over pile gets too big I make quilts to donate, it's also lent so I'm making them for that as well.

  7. Your spring quilt is beautiful. It was 7 below zero this morning in northern Wisconson but is sunny out. Maybe by next weekend it will be warmer. Have a great week. Hi to Yogi.

  8. I love your wallhanging! Is it your original design? Great job on the quilting, too!

  9. Love your piece....looks great over the fireplace. I like those same quilt hangers for the same reason!


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  11. So it was your snowmen that has been keeping winter here! LOL It is still wintery here too. Seriously, it does look like spring in your house and your seasonal quilt looks fantastic!

  12. What a pretty Spring Quilt - Such a great job on the quilting and the selection of all the pretty fabrics..
    I just love it - Here we have had some days of 70's to low 80's then we pop down for a day to maybe 60's so before we know it - Spring will have sprung... Give that adorable Yogi a Hug !!!

    1. Should be sorry

    2. I just began following your blog and I'm soaking everything in. I love your Yogi. I have two Scotties that help me sew - Miss Dottie and Sweet Olive. Wishing you and yours a glorious Easter.

  13. Your Spring quilt is a delight. And I do like seeing the rabbits, too. Your home is looking lovely and ready for Spring warmth. Good luck!
    We are just starting to cool for Autumn.

  14. A Question:::::: just how did Yogi get up on that table????? I bought some of those magnetic hangers at the Dallas Quilt Show March 7th. Haven't gotten to use them yet. He showed them with a steel plate about an inch wide but only 1/8" thick either in a quilt sleeve or even just run through some vertical safety pins on the back of the quilt. Keep up the great work!

  15. This is such a lovely quilt! Thank you for taking the time to show how you made it. Those magnetic attachment for the wall look great, I'll keep an eye out for them. Happy Spring, it's cooling down here in Australia.

  16. I love your little quilt. I did a large one similar style-vases of flowers on patchwork steps. Yours is probably nicer. Thanks for sharing it.

  17. A beautiful quilt and design and I love how you quilted it. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Lovely work! I also love that your pup sleeps on your sewing table - too cute.

    Spring has given us little movie trailers but the show hasn't opened here yet. Must be a rain delay... lol.

  19. Love all the spring time pictures! I have a slightly different magnetic system and like it a lot. Think you might need one more centered magnet.


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