Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Schnibble Done!

This month’s Schnibble, Hook, was quite a challenge with all the bias edged triangles to keep from stretching!

Photo Mar 25, 10 32 57 AM

I used 2 charm packs from an older Moda collection called “Urban Couture”.

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 00 AM

And I was soooo happy to find enough of the green fabric from the collection on  Etsy to buy for the background!! 

Photo Mar 25, 10 30 29 AM

I really love it when Carrie uses the leftover fabric bits for a scrappy pieced border!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 08 AM

I found an even older piece of floral in my stash for the backing!!  I named it “Stars in the Meadow”!

Photo Mar 25, 10 31 46 AM

I had a triangle ruler to use for cutting out the star spokes, but it was a much larger ruler than was needed.  So, I was about to scour my notions drawer to find that thin bright neon removable tape to mark the 3 1/4” line on the ruler, when I spied the thick dimensional purple tape stuck on the side of my machine that I occasionally use to mark the seam allowance line on the machine foot plate.

Photo Mar 25, 11 15 53 AM

It was actually perfect to use on the 3 1/4” line on the back of my triangle ruler, as being thicker than the tape, it provided a ledge for the edge of the strip set to bump up against!!

Photo Mar 25, 11 16 41 AM

Voila!!  A new use for something I already had!!  Don’t ya  just LOVE that when it happens??

Photo Mar 25, 11 16 34 AM

I used the amazing Waterloque app on my iPhone to turn a few more pix into lovely watercolored art!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 41 33 AM

Sigh… outside it is again snowing!  Only to get a few inches this time they say…  HOPE SO!!!

Photo Mar 25, 10 42 57 AM

Guess what Yoginess is doing as I post this???

Photo Mar 25, 10 42 30 AM



  1. Polly, your Hook is beautiful~! It turned out so pretty - love the green background. I tried with Salt Air and just hated the stripes, so I put it in the cupboard (blocks half done) - oh well.

  2. That really looks beautiful. Nice finish!

  3. Looks great! Love your backing, I have the same fabric in my stash!

  4. What is the purple dimensional tape? Sounds like it could be VERY useful in a variety of ways. Thanks!

  5. Oh, I am so, so happy someone finished Hook - I am still trying to make the deadline, but have truly fought this pattern from step 1. Coming down with Shingles the first of March did not help my disposition or patience, and I know if I am able to finish my Hook Schnibble, it will be the only one I ever do. That I can promise you. Yours is so beautiful - well, I have row one and two sewn together - we will see!!!. Judy C in NC

  6. Love the March schnibble! Love Yogi's pics! We've had more snow too, but it's supposed to be rain tomorrow and Friday. I'm really hoping they're right.

  7. Polly....i love it, and I must say I too have struggled a bit with this on e. Didnt have a 60* ruler so that probably didnt help. It was all the cutting that took so very much ti e. But now wnen I see yours I am o ce again motivated...thanks forv shari g. Looki g forward to thev parade

  8. Nice job on this months Schnibbles Polly. I did not have the triangle ruler either, and pressing all the seams open was tedious but i am pleased I persevered. What exactly is the dimensional tape you referred to?

  9. HI Polly , Schnibbles is beautiful love the green background and your applique wall hanging is amazing looks fantastic. Love seeing Yogi also.

  10. I love the colours in your Hook quilt. I can't say it's a pattern that appeals to me, with its unusual angles and use of a special ruler. The waterlog app looks great on your pics. Yogi doesn't like the snow?


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