Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something Wicked

Did you used to do cross stitch way back when?  I did…  like back in  the 80’s, I think?!


I simply adore Halloween and saw this little cross stitched verse on Etsy and had to have it.

Cross Stitch Pattern - Something Wicked

Which means I had to buy the design and cross stitch it!!


It took a few weeks working on it at bee or at night during TV and football.


And I used some of the 2” squares I had leftover from my Wicked Bits postage stamp quilt to finish it up as a pillow!


So, Yogi wants to know…


what are you working on this week?



  1. I love the cross stitch, I tried to find but not very knowledgeable with Etsy. Can you direct me?

  2. I used to love to cross stitch. This is just adorable. Wonder if I can still manage it! ;-)

  3. Yes! I spent the 80s cross stitching too (in fact, I ordered every skein of DMC floss they had back then - I think it was something like 382 colors - and that was before mail order was big! I remember coming home to a big brown bag on my front porch with my floss and was SO excited. I still have a lot of it left - LOL! This Halloween cross stitch pattern is just adorable!! So, what is Yogi going to be for Halloween??? o:)

  4. I did cross stitch in the 80's and find myself drawn back to it over the past little while! I love this piece, the curl of the toe and that lettering is wickedly c.u.t.e.

  5. I used to cross stitch a long time ago and have recently taken it up embroidery and cross stitch again. I love your pillow and am going to Etsy to see if I can find the pattern.

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  7. Cute! Cute! Cute!! I did cross stitch before the quilt bug bit me~ hard! ;-) You almost make me want to do it again. LOL Have a happy day!!

  8. Your pillow is lovely, Polly. I used to do cross stitch way back too. This year I joined in with Corey of Little Miss Shabby and did her Quilty Stitches Sampler Along. I really enjoyed cross stitching are so many years.

  9. Yep, I stitched in the 80's -- and I still cross stitch today too! Many of the pieces I stitch are for clients, but I still have time to stitch for myself as well. Your pillow is so cute! I love the way you finished it with the 2" squares. I'm working on a little Halloween pillow myself this week.

  10. I still cross stitch a bit here and there. That is a cute pillow. I might have to go on a hunt to find the pattern.

  11. I haven't been working on much of nuttin' lately but I STILL cross-stitch and love the seasonal designs by The Prairie Schooler. I've been working on a Thanksgiving design for a couple of years and don't think it'll be ready for Thanksgiving this year either..maybe next! Love your cute little pillow!


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