Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Schnibble Done!

The Schnibble assigned for this month is a rather large one called “Harvey”!


I wanted to use some fall fabric squares I already had in my stash that were leftover from a previous quilt, instead of charm packs.


I also wanted a much smaller quilt than this Schnibble… one I could use for November decor either on a wall or on a table.


Soooo, I made only the center pieced portion of this Schnibble which is made with half-square triangles.


I LOVE the colors of fall mixed with rich royal blues… like the colored leaves against an azure sky!!


So, I pulled out all my stash scraps in bright blue for the gray color Carrie used in this Schnibble.


I am very pleased at how it turned out!


The backing is an old Peanuts cartoon fabric showing Snoopy raking leaves, so I name this quilt “Rakish”.


And making only the center part resulted in the perfect size quilt for me!!  I quilted it with bright orange thread creating swirling oak leaves and an acorn in the very center.


I will be hanging it on my wall in  the family room/kitchen area during November.  I used the Waterloque app on my iphone to create this lovely pix-


So, Yogi wants to know what are you working  on these days?




  1. It's beautiful! I agree with you, it does remind me of the vibrant trees we have right now with the very blue sky. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peanuts fabric and the Waterloque pic! I'm finishing up a job for a client. Give Yogi a treat from me!

  2. Love your quilt….and the quilting is just perfect for it!!! I'm getting ready to start on a quilted tote bag my daughter requested.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous. I love the colours you've chosen and the peanuts fabric is really cute! It will look lovely displayed on your wall. I've spent the afternoon quilting my last completed quilt top which has been waiting months for me to finish - now I have an excuse to start a new one :)

  4. Yes! Those colors (and fabrics) just sparkle together! I've been thinking about a Fall themed project and your quilt has inspired me to give my Autmn colored fabs a look! I love the watercolor App! That is so cool, my going to look for that too! Happy Fall! cheers.

  5. Beautiful. Lovely fabrics, colors, design. That photo from your watercolor app would make for a great greeting card too!


  6. Your quilt is wonderful. Love your pictures.

  7. Hello Polly and Yogi, Snowy and I are enjoying spring downunder and I have discovered the creative grids flying geese ruler! Am having a lot of fun. My roses are blooming and the sun is out. Happy happy joy joy
    Ginny and Snowy sending lots of happy your way

    1. I'm glad the weather is warming up for you all downunder!! Is spring pretty there?? Tell Snowy that Yogi says hello!!

  8. Gorgeous quilt! I love the look of HST quilts but I always have trouble sewing the rows because of the seam bulk. Do you press open or to one side?

  9. Love your new quilt and Yogi too!

  10. Love the quilt. The blue really sets that off. Gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!


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