Friday, October 3, 2014

Spooky Rows of Fun!!

At least two years ago, I bought this quilt kit from


I meant to make it every fall to use in October, but never did until now!


I have bought many quilt kits over the years from Connecting Threads.


I have always been pleased with each one.  Quality fabrics, good directions and great prices!


Their directions are wonderful, labeling each fabric in the kit, even giving cutting layouts.


This quilt had many fabrics and pieces,


so I used removable drafting tape strips to label each piece as I cut them out.


This is my first row quilt, and it was fun to work through the construction one row at a time.


I used fusible to attach the appliquéd spider, cat and candy corn pieces, then machine blanket-stitched around them.


I especially liked the two rows of flying geese.


I’ve never made them with different colored fabric on the side pieces like these.  It really makes them look totally different, don’t you think?


The directions called for hand embroidery for the spider legs, web and facial expressions on the cats, but I used the satin stitch on my machine instead.


I did change it up a bit…

I added border strips down each side, to make it a bit wider and I also used various buttons for the pupils in all the eyes, instead of more fabric appliqué.


I did quilt it in rows, as well, changing the thread colors as needed.


It’s draped over a chair in the library, as I write!!  I finally put out all my Halloween decor.


I have pumpkins outside on my front steps, porch and back patio, but still have to replace my spindly geraniums with some bright mums!!


Autumn truly is my most favorite season!!


It’s to be quite chilly this weekend, so hope to light up the fire pit on the patio!!  YAY!!


Are you ready for fall in your home?  Doing something fun this glorious autumn weekend?



  1. Halloween stuff (quilts and more) came out to play over my lunch break today. So the inside of my house looks great but I haven't gotten any pumpkins yet for the front porch. I am not sure that I'll even decorate the outside this year.

    Love your row quilt. I often use tape or post-it notes to label sections for quilts just like you did. Labeling them just makes me less likely to make a big mistake.

  2. What a adorable Halloween kit !!!!
    I also label all of my pieces so I can keep track of them .

    Finished just in time :-D

  3. I love your Halloween quilt. Hope it keeps you and nice and warm during the fall season.

    Have a great weekend ... and ... all the best, Katie

  4. Your Halloween quilt is so stinkin cute - love it! I've had my indoor fall decor out for a couple of weeks. Weird up and down temps and lots of rain this week have kept me from finishing my outdoor decorating. I still have some of my summer annuals blooming like crazy - maybe not after this cold weekend! I bought some pretty mums at Lowe's today and a couple more pumpkins. We are taking our street rod along with about 150 others for a drive up the river road to a car show on Sunday. Will be cool but supposed to be sunny. Hope you have a great week-end!

  5. Oh Polly....loving your Halloween quilt! Cute pup.

  6. Spooky cute! do they still have the pattern? I wonder:

  7. What a fun quilt, love it..
    I did something fun , went for my first swim for the season, brrrrrrr was still a little chilly but my GD love it.

  8. i love your blog and i love your quilts. also great info about the kits at connecting threads. i buy my thread from there

  9. Oh I love your Halloween quilt. I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! thanks for sharing. kiddos are coming over tomorrow. I think I will have them go in the attic to bring my Halloween stuff down!!

  10. Hi Polly,
    Love the quilt.. Is connecting threads the pattern author? I like owed at their site and it is not shown..;(

    1. I looked at their site...sigh. Darn one finger typing...

  11. I love your blog and your creations. The Halloween quilt is wonderful and it will be such a great addition to your Halloween décor year after year. Your blog is a source of creativity and peace for me....sometimes I need a quiet place to escape to and most of the time it's to your blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Barb, for that especially sweet comment!

  12. I have the same kit, bought it years ago, and have not even opened it. You have given me inspiration to go home, find it, sew it, quilt it. Thank you!! Love yours by the way.

  13. I love the fall too, OMG what a button collection you have! the quilt is adorable I haven't made a row by row quilt yet. I am glad you added your own touch to it, makes the quilt your own and I just love it!

  14. Hi, your quilt is adorable I would love to get the pattern, I called connecting threads and they said to email and ask you for the quilt pattern number or more info. and they would try to find it, Thanks Lorie


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