Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not One Whit!

That’s what I named this month’s “Schnibble” quilt.


It is one of Carrie’s “Little Bite” patterns which is made with the smaller 2 1/2” mini charms.


So, even though it is made of 128 flying geese units, it finishes up at a whopping 22’'” square.


I do like the design allot and as usual, Carrie’s directions are spot-on and easy to follow.


But, it just seems like such allot of work for such a tiny project.


I really do like the larger sized quilts from the regular Schnibbles patterns better.


My quilt was made with the Moda Avalon collection from Fig Tree Quilts, but the backing is from their newer collection “Honeysweet”.


So, what are you working on this fine fall week?



  1. such a cute wee quilt but like you I like bigger ones..
    Lovely photo of Yogi and view of your street.

  2. I love it! So did a fantastic job...I have a hard time believing there are that many flying geese in there!!! You made it look effortless! I am madly sewing to finish my blog hop w/ Madame Samm this week called RUSH HOUR! My day is tomorrow and I keep changing / adding things...

  3. Yes, this quilt was a lot of work! I also used Avalon for mine but I did a twist, just need to quilt it. Hope to do it tonight.

  4. Lovely mini; just right for fall. Hugs to Yogi.

  5. Isn't that a BEEutiful ivy plant!! and what a view with the puppy! Keep up the good work!

  6. Wow, that turned out great and I love how you have it displayed with the ivy and large pencil! Looks like Yogi is enjoying the porch!

  7. It's so pretty but I have to agree I'm not sure I would want to work so hard for a little quilt, I think I would have made bigger geese so I'd have a bigger pay off :)

  8. It is beautiful. I too prefer a bigger finished quilt.

  9. Your quilt is beautiful--love the fabric have just discovered fig tree fabric and it is lovely. Interesting thing about small quilts--often times folks think because they are small they are simple and not much work. I have found making a small quilt can be as time consuming as making a larger quilt

  10. I love this one Polly....but it's so very tiny. I'm not sure my fingers could manage those little pieces. :) blessings, marlene

  11. That turned out totally darling. Yogi is so photogenic....I can tell he's a great companion for you.

  12. Polly hi, it's spring here and I've just made a drunkards path quilt with scatterings of roses to make it look like a garden for a friend who loves his garden and his roses! Snowy is loving the fine weather and long walks. How's Yogi?

  13. Your Whit quilt is very cute. I love the fabric you used. It does seem crazy that it's so small considering it has SO many flying geese in it, but I thought it went together more quickly than I expected. Like you, I prefer the larger size of the Schnibbles patterns and ended up enlarging my Whit quilt to 34".

  14. I was out having lunch and saw Yogi's twin in a shop window. How can I send a pic.


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