Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catch- Up…

I am still plodding along on my Halloween postage stamp quilt. I do love all the fabrics I am using… they represent years and years of collecting.  Some from dolls I made or decor items or quilts…  such fun memories!!


I actually added a design element to all the tiny pieces which I think will look great when it’s quilted and embellished afterwards…


I had 2 lovely family visitors from out of town for the weekend, so did not get any sewing done until this afternoon after they left.


I had bee last week and made my dear beemates  little hedgehog pin cushions that I found a tut for on Pinterest HERE!!


Very fun to make and they turned out so cute and pleasing to all!!


I also forgot to post that a few weeks ago, my dear bee friends and I went to a lecture/trunk show by Alex Anderson.


I have always wanted to meet her, as she taught me how to quilt… well, her “Simply Quilts” TV show did. 


How many of you feel the same way about her?


She was quite fun and down-to-earth…seemed like a girl next door!!  It was fun too see her quilts, too!!


I’ve got bee tomorrow here at my house.  Yay!!


What are you up to this week? 


Sewing on something awesome??



  1. The hedgehog pin cushions are absolutely adorable! Too cute! Love the Halloween postage stamp quilt too. I hope fall is soon visiting your neck of the woods. It's still so very hot and humid here.

  2. I remember recording on VHS every show of Simply Quilts. Yes, it was the way I learned to quilt also. And I love your Halloween Postage Stamp quilt and your darling pincushions!

  3. It is sew much fun putting together scrappy quilts when the fabrics brings back lots of nice memories..
    What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, going to Alex Anderson's Truck show..
    OH I love love love those cute Hedgehog Pincushions... was there a pattern or were you just clever enough to make them?
    Your Autumn leaves are lovely....
    Hmm!! have nothing planned to work on this week but I am sure I will find something..

  4. P.S Found the tutorial , thanks .

  5. The hedgehog is too adorable, love your postage stamps.

  6. those hedgehogs are just adorable! Love your postage stamp blocks you inspired me to make a few more this weekend! I just posted about them
    Yes I will be making more this week too.Yes Alex inspired us all !

  7. I watched Simply Quilts even though I wasn't a quilter, I just loved Alex with her soothing voice and fun ideas.
    The hedgehogs are adorable and your quilt is just getting more and more fun to see.

  8. Jumping up and down!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your postage stamp!!!! Can I say LOVE again??? Because Halloween is my fave!! And I LOVE it!!! ;0)

  9. I have been enjoying your blog for a quite while. I was drawn to your quilts beautifully displayed throughout your home. Your Halloween Postage Stamp Quilt is another one of my favorites that you have made. My daughter's birthday is Oct 31 so I have always loved fall and Halloween. I think she needs one of these quilts. That hedgehog is so cute. I have to put it on my list of patterns I need to try.

  10. I love the design element you added to the Halloween quilt. How fun it must be for you to remember all the projects those beautiful scraps came from. The hedgehog pincushions are just too cute! I love how Yogi poses for the camera and he's so handsome! Not doing much sewing this week -- I'm still trying to catch up after DD's wedding on the 6th.

  11. Hi Polly,
    I am making new beds for my dogs(don't tell them I called them dogs). The pin cushions are adorable. Use to love sharing Jan Brett books in my library and she was a big hedge hog person. Your Halloween quilt is delightful!

  12. Polly could you please add pictures of your projects as you finish them.

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