Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fun Sewing!

After the eight solid days of sewing it took to finish the school quilt, I was ready for some fun sewing!!


I’ve seen this cool “Sew Together Bag” all over the internet on tons of blogs, so I bought the pattern at Craftsy and got  busy.


I must admit, the first one , which I was making for a dear friend’s birthday, took me a whole lot longer than I expected.


Thank goodness for the internet!  I Googled it and found a Sew-A-Long on it from last year with lots of great instructional photos!!


I really do love the design and so I used some scraps to make myself one, too!!  I had two pewter charms in my button box- a thimble and a sewing machine, that I used for zipper pulls on the outside!


My friend Linda is using hers for her hexie sewing supplies and I am using mine for my wool stitchery supplies!!


I’m writing this while my husband and I watch the super Bowl.  Neither team is our fav, so just watching it for the commercials and half-time show!


So, which is your favorite commercial from Super Bowl?  So far, mine is the Budweiser Clydesdales and the puppy!!  Yogi likes it, too!



  1. Wow, that bag is impressive. It looks complicated and time consuming but worth it. The Super Bowl commercials were depressing this year, thank goodness for the Budweiser puppy.

  2. OH and WOW - that purse looks so complicated - I am so impressed you made two of them. Thanks for the tip on the Sew Along, just in case I get ambitious. Hee, hee

    I am such a fan of the Clydesdales and the dog combination, I just had to look it up on the internet before the game for fear I would miss it during the game - you know the breaks we often take? It did not disappoint, but some of the others I can honestly say I would probably not go out and buy based on the commercial. I am just sayin! Love your Yogi pictures as always. Judy C

  3. Great use of your time you inspired me to dig out WIP's and finish something.

    (was a big fan of Breaking Bad--so that was my favorite commercial)

  4. Me again - I forgot to ask you, where did you get the jars that sit on your dining table? I have really admired them and wanted to look for some. Thanks from Judy C in NC

  5. Hi I've seen that bag so many times in the last month I've got to make one! During the Super Bowl I enjoyed the Budweiser and the Men's Dove commercials.

  6. I haven't seen the bag anywhere else yet, but it sure looks great! We watched the game and commercials, but I don't have a favorite. I'm off to look for that bag!

  7. I keep seeing that bag all over the internet too. I really think I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial link. Your bags look amazing.


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