Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love to BEEEEE!

Do you belong to a bee?
I sure hope so!
I belong to several and they are such fun!
We share our love of fabric and all things quilty, but also so much more!!  They are my DEAREST friends!  :-)
bee girls at wedding
I have a big bag I made last year that I take to bee when I have a quilt to bind!  It’s quite large with plenty of room to carry most any size quilt.
But I often do not have a quilt to bind at bee, so I needed a much smaller bag to carry my ongoing hand work projects to bee.
So, I made this one last week with some Sewing Box scraps leftover from several previous projects!
It’s the perfect size for my current wool stitchery project and my Sew Together bag with all my thread and such needed for the project!!
So Yogi wants to know all about the bee you are a member of!!  Do tell!!


  1. I don't belong to one anymore, but when I did, it could be fun. I just love your work. You have such an imagination.

  2. Me too...I used to belong to one, but it sort of wained...and I try to join others at times and they were full...no room for a newbie...
    I do participate in a hop from a blog that lets newbies like me play along...and it is wonderful...nice gifts, and manufacturer surprises from time to time!!! Best of all...I get to CHEER on other now newbies!!!

  3. I belong to the local Patchwork Club and we always welcome newbies.

  4. We live very rural and there are no Bees in the area. I do belong to the quilt forum at Missouri Star Quilt Company and although we don't physically sew together we get involved with everyone who needs help and we do a lot of show and tell. This seems to be enough interaction for me right now. Many of the quilters of this group have become great friends and we talk and sometimes visit each other aside from the forum chats.

  5. No bees here either, well maybe a few busy bees, but not the fun quilt bees! Maybe I should start one.

  6. There are no bees in my rural area, but it sure sounds like yours are so much fun! Love the quilt Yogi is sitting on and that little pillow is fantastic!


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