Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grooviness Galore!

I was a teenager in the 60’s-70’s!!  Man that’s really telling you my age!!  LOL!

I was in our new Haymarket quilt shop and saw the new Tula Pink “Elizabeth” fabrics! OMG!! So amazing!  So I mixed and matched a bit and came up with this little 12 FQ bundle!


Kim, the owner of “Oh Sew Persnickety”, the quilt shop, had asked if I wanted to teach a beginning quilt class, so I wanted to use her fabrics in the class sample.


I LOVE the Yellow Brick Road pattern and think it’s a great quilt for beginners.


So, here’s my version of it for her shop sample!


And with these crazy awesome fun fabrics, what better name for it than “Groovy”??


I must have made Yellow Brick Road quilt about a dozen times for all occasions and fabrics!


It’s probably my most favorite quilt design ever!!


Yogi wants to know if you have a favorite go- to quilt design?  Oh, and he wants you to know he was a very good boy today for the groomer!!




  1. Fun quilt! So glad to hear about a new quilt shop. I'll have to check it out!

  2. Yogi looks so HANDSOME today after his grooming session! Love the fabs you picked for Yellow Brick Road. I guess my 'go to' would be the rag quilt as I've made about a zillion for baby donation quilts for the county hospital. Also made one for each member of the family!

  3. The only quilt I've made more than once is Yellow Brick Road. It is also my favorite go-to quilt pattern. It was also the first pattern I made / bought as a new quilter. Your student's will love...and the sample quilt.

    Yogi is ALWAYS handsome!

  4. Ah !! Yes I can relate to those lovely bright groovy colours. Fabulous quilt and what a great quick pattern. I often do a "Fence and Rail" or Disappearing Nine Patch for a quick quilt.
    You do look great Yogi, I must book Lacy in for a haircut too.

  5. I was also a teen in the 60s/70s and love those groovy fabrics. Yellow Brick Road is one of my "go to" patterns too. I also love one called Quick Strippee which I just used for a baby quilt gifted to my daughter's friend.

  6. Hi! Polly ,I was a teen more in the 60's ,Doesn't sound good when I add that !! .The Tula fabrics are lovely . I always like a Yellow Brick Road design .I will have to come for the class. I have a few baby quilts on the machine at present. Yogi is cute

  7. Good boy Yogi! You look very handsome. Love "Groovy"!

  8. Yogi looks as adorable as always. I love seeing photos of him! Your quilt is beautiful and I can relate to the term "Groovy!" Yellow Brick Road is a favorite pattern as well as a pattern called Square Play which is from a class I took.

  9. I never made a Yellow Brick Road although it's a classic. Mmmh, but then I never made a Log Cabin quilt either ... seams like the classic patterns are not my style;-) Actually the only pattern I made more than once was a pattern I designed myself (and yes, I did gave all the three quilts I've made so far away ... time to make one for me;-) But I think you can't go wrong with Swoon or a Schnibbles.
    And Yogi you're a handsome boy!

  10. I love your quilt and ALSO Love the Yellow Brick Road Quilt pattern...very versatile and great directions. I can relate to your quilt name....we are of a similar age...LOL!

  11. Yogi is beautiful!
    My favorite quilt pattern for simple quilts are: Enigma, Warm Wishes or FQ Slide!

  12. Love your quilt - it's so groovy! Love that fabric too. Yellow Brick Road has always been a favorite go to pattern. I've also made a lot of quilts with the altered 9 patch (since I have so many charm packs) I was a teen in the 70's. Yogi is so cute. I always love stopping by to see what you're up to - thanks for sharing!


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