Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sweet Yogi!!

Can you believe this little guy is 14 today??


He really doesn’t show his age in photos.


But he has arthritis in his hips and knees, so his age shows sometimes when he walks! :-(


Yogi is the only Westie we’ve ever had.


Westie is the short name for his breed-


the West Highland White Terrier.


So, we thought how clever he was to tilt his head back and forth when listening to someone talk. 


Then we saw the Westie on the Little Caesar dog food commercial on TV do the same thing!!


All Westies do it!!  LOL!!


But he is, without a doubt, the smartest dog we’ve ever had!


And the most stubborn!  Grrr!


He hates squirrels with a passion… and rabbits!


He loves sweets like cake and cookies… dunked in coffee!


He has baked chicken almost every night mixed in with his dry food…


but loves, Loves, LOVES hamburger and steak!!


So, tonight on his birthday, he will get some!!


He is a great lover of quilts. 


As my bee friends will all tell you from personal experience,


you put a quilt down on my floor and he is ON IT in no time!!


I think I have more photos of him than of my kids and hubby!!

yogi close

You must admit, he a cutie patootie!!




  1. Happy Birthday, Yogi! I can't believe he's 14...he wears it well! How do your hubby and kids feel about being upstaged by Yogi? Tell them if they cocked their heads so sweetly, you might take more photos of them. LOL I want a Yogi. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  2. Happy birthday to Yogi. He is such a gorgeous boy. I love the way he tilts his head too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Yogi! My BF from childhood had a Westie too, and he got pretty old about 18 I think. So, sweet boy, you have good years to come:-)

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday, Yogi!! He's beautiful (like every other Westie!!) and such a good boy to agree to be in all of your quilty photos. He's a very good sport. I've had two Westies (a girl AND a boy) and they are the BEST dogs. LOVE THEM and have to stop every one I see to talk to and admire them.

  5. ♫ Happy Birthday dear Yogi, Happy Birthday to you ♫

    Molly Brown and Jessie ♥

  6. Happy Birthday, Yogi! He is so cute. Thank you for sharing the photos. Loved them all!

  7. Happy birthday to your Yogi.... the blog was really cute.... and the photos were priceless.

  8. Happy 14 Yogi! It looks good on you!

    Polly, we have a cairn terrier - he tilts his head too and so did his sister before we lost her last year. It's so very cute!

  9. Happy birthday Yogi. You are surely the most gorgeous little dog I have ever seen, and so full of personality!

  10. Happy Birthday Yogi! You are the best! Sweetest! Most handsome dog ever!!

  11. Happy Birthday dear little Yogi...enjoy your dinner tonight!

  12. Happy Birthday dear little Yogi...enjoy your dinner tonight!

  13. Happy Birthday Yogi! I've been in love with you since the first picture I saw. Enjoy your special treats and day, I know Mom will make sure it's all wonderful.

  14. Ollie sends his best birthday wishes to Yogi.

    Arf, arf, my friend!

  15. Here's a great big hug and birthday wish for your cutie patootie! He is the cutest and most photogenic little guy, and looking at him, amid all your beautiful quilts, one would never guess that he has allowed you to live with him for 14 years. Here's hoping he keeps you for many more years to come.

    I'm really lovin your bedspread and runner.

  16. What a sweet gentleman - Happy Birthday, Yogi!! My dad wants a Westie very much, so we have been looking for one for 3 years. He'll be 94 next month, so he needs an older Westie just to cuddle with him!

  17. You are definitely a cutie, Yogi! Happy Birthday and enjoy your steak!!

  18. Happy birthday to Yogi! You all take wonderful care of him it is obvious!

  19. Hey ARE a cutie patootie! Have a wonderful birthday and don't forget to make a wish.

  20. So happy that Yogi is celebrating his 14th Birthday - gives me hope that my 5 yr. old Coton will be around for many years to come! Happy Birthday, Yogi - you are such a handsome boy and clearly love your quilting mom!!

  21. Happy birthday sweet Yogi from your biggest fan - Douglas the Westie in the UK! Woof! PS I hate squirrels, pigeons and most of all cats...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  22. Happy Birthday, Yogi! I loved the Yogi photo roundup! He IS a cutie patootie! My Lilly say "woof woof"

  23. Happy Birthday all of the pictures. Our Westie, Molly, says, Happy Birthday, Yogi...wuf wuf.....she is right behind him....turning 14 in August.
    they are such wonderful dogs...

  24. That's one thing about westies they never look their age ... nor do they stop being stubborn! One thing I would like to suggest is to try giving Yogi Cosequin DS which is a joint supplement. It's made by Nutramax and you should be able to find it on Amazon. With Julep 7 and Derby soon to be 6 I've started them on this supplement last year.

    All the best, Katie
    p.s.... love your quilts - you do excellent work!

  25. Wishing your sweet Yogi a very happy birthday. Polly, Yogi is one of the cutest terriers ever. My Scotties turn their heads to listen when I talk to them, too. Yogi is beautiful.....I would not have guessed he was older than 6 or 7. I can tell he's a wonderful companion.

  26. Happy Birthday to that cutie patootie YOGI. He is so sweet. Thanks for sharing all the adorable pics!

  27. Happy Birthday Yogi!!! Dottie Dog says all dogs deserve their favorites on their birthday -- and every day for that matter, lol. Love all the pics too.

  28. Hey Polly! Happy Birthday to Sweet Yogi!! He is so darn cute! I love to see your photos of him and long to one day have a Westie to cuddle up on quilts with me, too, but there aren't many breeders in Australia and so Westie puppies are very expensive ... SIGH! So I will share Yogi for now, if that's OK. :0) Hope you and Yogi enjoy celebrating his birthday together ... and a few more to come!! Bear Hugs KRIS xx

  29. Oh Yogi how did I miss your birthday.. Bet you had a great day and enjoyed your special dinner. I love all the photos your Mum put on your post. You are nearly as cute as my Jack"Lacy".....ah maybe on par with her.....

  30. He sure is a cutie happy birthday Yogi x

  31. It warms my heart to see how loved he is. Thank you for sharing.


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