Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hello September!

Finally!! Fall is soooo my favorite season.  Always has been!!  What's your favorite season?

I'll be changing out my decor today from summer to September... which for me is not just summer to fall.  Autumn is so rich and deep for me.  As a retired teacher, September has an important place in my heart...Back to School.  So, I have a tub of things I put out in my home just for the month of September!!  Here are some of the school themed quilts I will be pulling out today!

The weather here in northern Virginia is sure not fallish in any way.  It's cloudy here today with showers forecasted...temps in the 90's!  UGH!!  Can't wait for the temps to get cooler!!

So, what are you working on these days?  Has fall arrived where you are yet?


  1. I love all your school themed quilts Polly and they also make me feel a little sad as my eldest sister was a teacher . A beautiful gentle lady who passed away three years ago.
    Your Fall is so gorgeous , with all the leaves turning golden when they fall.
    It's Spring here now and I look forward to it getting warmer so I can go for my morning dip with my friends.

  2. I was just thinking about you. I know how Fall coming in, is your favorite season. I love all your quilts. So many good ones. It's always great to see what you are making because you are talented and very creative. Fun stuff! I see you have been pretty busy. Retirement is grand!

  3. Hi Polly I was so happy to see your posts and your wonderful school quilts. September always gives me the itch to go back to my little library. That lasts about five minutes. Then I head to my sewing room and the itch is gone.

  4. As a teacher I always looked forward to the new school year. All the possibilities ahead of us, the classroom was fresh and ready to go, and most of the HS kids were ready to be back with their friends. I do kind of miss that now that I’m retired.


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